December 01, 2019

The Spring House

I took this photo this summer. It is a Spring House. The water pooling in the oaken barrel is ice cold and I am certain directly from the heart of the driftless. It is on the head waters of the stream I caught my very first trout on at age 5. The stream has a significant meaning to me.

The owner spent a whole year making his beautiful spring house. He even made his own shakes for the roof. He did the masonry base with rocks he chipped out of rocks from his hillside and the upper are pieces of wood mudded in from trees from his land. The port hole in the peak is the base of huge wine bottle he brought back from Portugal from his honeymoon 52 years ago. The door handle is an antler from a dead deer he found while harvesting maple syrup from his hillside. The hinges he recovered from an old cabin on his property. The couple asked that I not identify them.  They love their solitude.

Thank you Suzanne Fryda and Dan Braun for photo edit assist.

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