September 17, 2019

Trip Report "Small Fish Of The Day"

Went out this morning with my best fishing buddy Bruce Ristow.  We always kid each other and comment about small trout of the day.  We call it "Guppy" of the day.  Bruce outdid himself this morning.  He caught "Goby" of the day.  He also caught 30 browns.

I landed 25 browns.  Bruce used his pendulum cast to work tight quarters.  He learned the cast from Jay Thurston. 

Was foggy to begin the outing at 7:00am.  The fog burned off quickly was a robins egg blue day. We ended at 12:30pm.

Lots of wading and tall weeds.  I am dead dog tired but it felt good to go that long.  My weight loss has opened many streams to me again that I thought were lost forever. Talked to a few outdoorsy people one a fisheries specialist and it might not be a goby. Some type of a darter is what I best can figure out.

Two WDNR fisheries specialists consulted and is a Johnny Darter.

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