December 22, 2017

The Sweet Spot

It is your go to place.

You once a couple years back had a behemoth brown peel a tiny brown off the end of your line.

You have never been skunked there.  Nothing less than 24 browns.

You have never caught less than 50 if you fish the whole stretch.

Your best outing you caught 97 browns.

You have never seen another footstep there that wasn't yours.

You have your wife drop you off and pick you up so your sweet spot is kept a secret.

You fight fishing it two outings in a row because it is so good.

You don't take untrustworthy friends there.

You drove by it yesterday and saw "For Sale" signs and you are sad.  You are terrified the new owner will be a NO Fishing guy or even worse the WDNR will buy the easement rights and ruin it and take out all the trees on the banks and logs in the water that makes it such a prolific stretch. Then a neon sign will be put at the entry points so the masses will beat a path on each side of it.


  1. So often my wish is "I wish I had the money to buy that place and protect it!!!". So this post really broke my heart. I will hope for the best for the land. There were two lots at the end of our dead end. They were nothing to "write home about" but the land was a small haven for the deer and such. Both lots have been purchased and the new owners immediately had the trees on the hills side practically clear cut. The one man said he did that so he would have money to pay for the property! So, let me get this straight....You buy a remote property in the country, then remove the essence of the place??? So, why move to the country??? We have also had neighbors that come here and tell us we need to clear out our dead trees on the hillside. We respond with "Or we can leave them standing for the flying squirrels, or wood peckers , etc. They walk away shaking their heads and think we are crazy. :O)

  2. What a post. Reality of our modern world. Luckily i am old and will not have to see much more of this constant destruction of everything i have held dear.i am not selling an easment to the D.N of R.on my section of the trout stream. For all the reasons that you stated.a family bought a island patch of oaks located up the road from me and heavy equipt drove around clearing oak trees ,digging the basement truck ing away dirt. Driving over the roots of trees he intended to leave for the renaining beauty of the setting. Guess what the damage killed all but three trees. Which he will probally kill because he mows the grass right up next to them .oak trees don,t like to be mowed around. Abe