February 16, 2019

Brookie Tail

I was online talking about big brookies when an on stream memory came to mind. It was about 100 yards upstream where Andy discovered the pair.

Later that spring beavers made this dam.  I am not sure if our brookies moved when the water came up or they were stranded after it went out later that spring during floods.
My friend Andy Kurth emailed me after he read one of story.  He wanted to catch a huge brookie. I told him a couple places to try. 

Andy is tenacious and went out in search of big brookies. I got an email from him the next day. He had waded way beyond where I had and he said he found 2 giants in the same hole. 

Two days later we were in the hole. Andy let me have the hole first. I hit it for 5 minutes without any hits. Andy pounded it also. NOBODY home we thought. 

I waded a little forward so I could get a cast a little further up in the fast water at the head of the hole. My cast spooked the "2" giants from the head of the hole. I saw them coming downstream. 

Andy and I were standing alongside each other. We both froze in place thinking that the least movement the better. Andy and I talked about letting them cruise the hole and settle down and we would try after they calmed down. The two brookies literally swam within 5 feet of us in the crystal clear water. 

We both were freaked out. There was about a 19 inch fat female brookie with her mate about a 17 male brook trout. The water was 2 feet deep and crystal clear. We waited until they went back to the head of the hole and tried again. They were obviously spooked. 

We waded past them and the hole was nothing but a cloud from the giant brookies and maybe their offspring running around in the hole. Andy and I together and alone went back to that hole numerous times and never saw either of them again.

February 13, 2019

If My Tom Cat Could Talk

"Dad can I eat that?"

"I don't think that is a bird Dad."

"Dad do I have a bogger up my nose?"

"Dad don't move I just got comfortable."

"Mom can't you see I am busy?"

"Dad please I want to sleep a little longer."

"Dad, when is Mom coming home?"

February 12, 2019


You have lived in Wisconsin the majority of your life.  You tolerate winter.

If winter is your favorite season.  50 degrees later.

We are wired much differently.

I Hate Winter

Some folks truly love winter....I am not one of those people...give me green and smells of plowed fields and plum trees blooming.


Photos by Barb Harris
"Not All Who Wander Are Lost. "
J. R. R. Tolkien