April 21, 2019

Log Book History

Looked back 36 years and this week is typically the best week of the year historically for me for BIGS.

April 20, 2019

"Vivendo la buona vita" Soup

Living the good life soup

Zuppa di pesce….  seafood soup

April 19, 2019

Trip Report Two Short Solo Outings

Sunny today.....did 2 short runs....ended with 20 trout all together.

Same Old Photo

I have been taking trout photos for a long time.  The laying the trout on the net photo like these are not good for the trout for many reasons.  I stopped taking these kinds of solo photos a while back.

The fish thrashing in the net can damage it.  It is definitely not a photo I take anymore.  Taking a photo alone became quite a challenge.  The one handed quick photo is what I do when I am alone these days or just not take a photo.

This one handed photo alone fishing is good as long as you don't catch a giant that will not hold still for the one hand shot.  Grabbing the trout tight is not an option.

The timer shot is a "NO GO."

Having a fishing partner is the best way to solve my dilemma.

Not taking photos is not an option.

April 17, 2019

Dreaming Of Blue And White

Last year was a multiple colors kind of year with my morning glories.  The first of May I am going to roto till all of last years 23 colors under and start from scratch.  This year's theme is "Blue and White."  Will plant Pearly Gates Whites, Heavenly Blue, Blue Morning Stars and Blue and White Flying Saucers. 

April 16, 2019

Trip Report "Fishing With Bruce"

Bruce sent me an email yesterday and we set up this mornings outing. Hit the water at 10am.  partly cloudy with a slight bit of color to the water.  It was 58 degrees outside.  We finished at 3:30pm.  The clouds had turned to haze at about 2pm and the outside temp was 66 degrees.  Between the 2 of us we landed over 80 browns.

Prettiest trout I have caught in a long time.

Luckily Bruce is a good net man.  He has been a good luck charm as of late for me and big browns.

Keeping with my different view of a trout kick Bruce snapped a front view again for me.