August 08, 2020


It's the stuff that dreams are made of
It's the slow and steady fire
It's the stuff that dreams are made of
It's your heart and soul's desire

August 07, 2020

No fishing today

The prairie flowers in rural Wisconsin beckoned today.

August 05, 2020

Big male small stream trout from Wisconsin

Trip Report "Big Male Brookie"

Was on the water at 5:42am this morning.  Went to the stretch with the bathing cows the last time.  No cows in the stream.  I walked all the way to the Kickapoo River and fished back to the vehicle.

Two hours later and quite disappointed 2 small browns to hand.

The stream Gary Peters caught his tiger on was close so off I went.

This stream was my best brook trout stream back in the day. It was nothing to score 100 brookies in an outing here 15 years ago. Gill lice and competition with browns had really put a damper on my best brookie stream.  The last 5 times there I did not even catch a brookie.

 It seemed like ground hogs days and all I was catching was little browns.

I tallied  45 browns today. All on the small side.  Near the end of the outing I landed a small brookie and was happy as a clam when I examined it and there were no gill lice.

I fired right back in there and wham!

My net opening is 15.5 inches and he went about an inch past it.

No gill lice also. My biggest male brookie was 15.5 inches and this broke that. My biggest brookie ever was 17 3/4 inch female.

I am very happy no gill lice here!!!

August 04, 2020

In The Darkness

Many people love trout fishing like I do. Some love the adrenaline rush hooking into a large trout and feeling and hearing the drag on their reel screaming. Many go into the outdoors to escape the sounds and the hustle and bustle of their lives.

Some love the blind potential of what lies beneath on the next cast or around the next bend. Some love the reading of the water and guessing where the next big trout will be laying.

Some love the beautiful places that trout live in. The pristine streams and the wildflowers that live on her banks beckon. The solitude and silence of my trout streams are deafening.

I had my alarm clock set for 5 a.m. this morning. I woke up long before the alarm went off and stepped out onto my deck into the darkness in my skivvies. This morning was particularly cool and had the feeling of fall.

I stood out there in the darkness for quite some time enjoying the cool breeze. I could not help but smile and remember the last big trout I caught just a day or two ago.

As I get older I appreciate the times I get to go fishing more. My knees and back told me to go back to bed this morning.

I went back in the house and promptly fell back asleep and had wonderful dreams about catching big trout. My dreams were from yesterday and from my very first trout when I was 5 years old. This 63 year old was 5 years old again and I love that feeling. Life is grand on a trout stream in Wisconsin's driftless area and in my dreams

August 02, 2020

Trip Report "Unusual" and "Wow"

The overcast skies and cool temperatures drew me to the stream. I targeted a trout I had chase my lure and slightly kiss it and off it went in early spring.

69 degrees outside and water temp 62 at noon when I began.

First cast on stream was hammered and the fish came screaming downstream at me.  I had to reel really quickly to keep up with it.  As it swam past me I saw about a 20 inch hammer handle pike..... landed it and released it.  Next cast was a 10 inch brookie. 10 minutes later I was up to a dozen trout and then I landed a small mouth bass.

I got up to where the springs feed into the stream and scored my first photo worthy brown.

I scored a few more and one more photo worthy.

 My thirtieth trout was a wow trout.  It ran down stream like its tail was on fire. I turned it after I tightened my drag.

I always look for a landing zone prior to making a cast and this time was the same. I worked to the edge and went in the water for this one.  I was not wearing waders.  This one was worth getting wet for.  My cellphone is always in a zip lock bag so I waded right in.  My wallet is drying as I type.

It alligator rolled as I netted it and broke the line. This stretch has regulations of 2 under 12 inches only to encourage large trout longevity.  I snapped a couple photos and sent him on his way.

Longest trout of the year with an enormous kype.  I could not get all of the trout in the photo with an out stretched arm...that means big in my book. I did not measure it.

I was only half way done with the stretch but decided I was done.  I walked back to the vehicle.

July 31, 2020

The Surface Action Was Amazing

I drove an hour to a promising stretch of water.  The last time I was there  I rolled a really big trout. I was unaware there was a prior engagement at the pool.

July 30, 2020

Life Is Grand

Ravenous mosquitoes and tall weeds to your chest.

July 28, 2020

Barb And Len's Excellent Adventure

Barb took a week off so we decided a road trip was in order.

Our first stop was the Black River Falls State Forest.  It was a giant area with tiny roads.  We targeted a bench look out Barb had discovered on a prior adventure.

We did not find the off shoot that we searched for.  Below photo is from when Barb went there on her first solo adventure. We will look again another day.

We were not discouraged and continued to our next conquest.

We drove towards Eau Claire to search for some waterfalls.

We found another tiny road and drove down it until we heard the rush of water in the distance. Simes' Creek began to roar and we followed our ears and tiptoed down a tiny path to the water.

Hamilton Falls

Success ...………...….

Off we went to the next wonder of nature.

Big Falls was only 40 minutes away and was awesome.

We stopped at the Norske Nook on the way home and left with 9 different kinds of pieces of pies.

Was an excellent day for adventure.

July 25, 2020

July 23, 2020

Smell That Smell?

The aroma of skunk was in the air this morning.  I hit the water at 5:30am.  Outdoor temp was 58 and stream temp was the same. Water was stained and I could not figure out why.  There had not been any significant rain recently.

I have done really well on this stretch the last three times there. Halfway in and not even a bite. The weeds were crazy tall and it was obvious someone else had fished the stretch as of late. Three quarters of the way in I threw in the towel and headed to the road.

As I walked back I tried to think of a place close that I could catch a couple so my smell of skunk could be removed from the day.

I got to my car and glanced downstream.  There are typically cows in the pasture but they were still in the barn getting milked. The landowner some times sprinkles in a couple bulls on the stretch at times. "Public Easement".

There were no cows so I walked all the way downstream to where it empties into the Kickapoo River and fished my way back to the vehicle.

Typically you can tell if a outing is going poorly if I start taking scenery photos.

About 50 yards from the vehicle I averted the smell of skunk.

I landed 6 in the last stretch.

July 18, 2020


Each and every stream I journey on has its own magic. From the tiny brook trout stream in southern Vernon County to my favorite large waterway in Richland I am renewed each time I wet a line.