June 14, 2019

Lake Gitchegumee

Barb and I went to Bayfield for a couple days.  Did the Apostle Island tour and went out to Sand Bay so we could say we had been to the Northern most point in Wisconsin.

June 08, 2019

Melting Pot Browns

Von Behr or Loch Leven....you say German Brown...some came from Scotland.    are you correct? 

Some have more bright colors and are a little smaller and the others have more dark spots and are bigger. 

Our brown trout in the area are just like the "melting pot" that is the Midwest.

They were first stocked in our waters over a hundred years ago. 

They have intermingled through the decades....You can say they have this or that trait but you can not say for certain.

Studies have also said their colors come from what they eat and the composition of the what their environment they live in. Such as color of water and plants in the water.  The bottom color even has a part in determining their colors.

Spawning time also brings out some extra coloring that takes a while to fade.

When it comes to Wisconsin browns all are very special in their own way.

June 04, 2019

Trip Report "It Happens Ever So Often"

Jim Furley and I hit the water at 6am this morning.  Water was muddy and I couldn't buy a bite for about half an hour.  Jim was not having any problems.  He had 10 trout before I caught one.  This was the third time I went with him and he has proven himself a good angler.  Many times when I go with someone for the first few times I watch mostly and give them the best runs first.  Jim had proven himself the last time we went out.  There was no hand holding this morning.

Jim even waited back on some good runs and let me have them first.  He went behind me and caught fish.  I thought it must be the color of spinner so I switched to what he was using.  I watched Jim to see what he was doing differently than me.  Jim was throwing right into snaggy messes and actually letting the spinner drop for a 2 count before retrieving.

Had some friendly Scottish Highland cows check us out.  I knew they were there and told Jim about them.  The bull in the foreground was quite massive but docile. The little one let me pet it and it followed Jim like a dog for a while.  It was so close he had to be careful with his back casts. 

The water was a little dirtier than I liked to fish but it beats sitting at home fishing from my recliner.  

I finally caught a little one.  I told Jim I was saving up for an extra large trout.

I am a hit and run kinda angler.  Jim is more meticulous and made sure each nook and cranny was explored.

I finally caught my second guppy and Jim was up to 14 by then.

The first stretch went by quickly and we went to our second stretch.  It looked like rain and we joked about "Not being city slickers and how we wouldn't melt and both of us liked fishing in the rain."

Jim caught 2 more nice ones there and I caught none.  At the end of the morning Jim was at 20 and I was at 2.  I truly like fishing with an angler that does not need babysitting and can out fish me....Just this one time :)

A rainy day streamside. "priceless"