September 14, 2020

Trip Report "Groundhog's Day"

 The bed felt too good this morning so I didn't get out of the house until 10am.  I targeted a stretch I had fished 2 weeks ago again.  I had lost a decent one near the end of that outing and wanted a rematch.

August 29th female I caught on that stretch.

Got to where I had caught her 2 weeks ago and stood exactly where I has stood on the 29th and fired the exact same type and size of panther martin in the same lay as the last time.

The lure was thumped and fish on.  I slid down to the water's edge and sat exactly where I did  on the 29th and netted this brown.

Trout get way too much credit for being a smart species.  I felt like I was in the movie

"Groundhog's Day"

Landed 13 total there and moved on to another stream and landed 17 guppies there.


Upon further review...I believe they are different fish...Good...I prefer catching 2 different fish.

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