July 12, 2020

Trip Report "One And Done"

This spring I rolled a really nice wide bodied brown here.

I have been back once since then and nobody was home.

I geared up today and pointed the vehicle westward.

I decided to walk directly to the hole I rolled the big one from the spring in.

Took me 10 minutes to walk in.

The hole looks much different now.

Today's conditions were partly cloudy and 78 degrees outside and the stream was stained and 68 degrees.

All I needed was 2 casts with this in a size 9.

The trout bulldogged deep right away and headed for the submerged logs.

She made it there.  She was powerful and I could not turn her.

She wrapped in a submerged log right away.

I waded in to the top of my waders and followed the line to her and netted her.  This was quite an accomplished due to the bottom being really soft.

I sat on the edge of the stream and took a couple photos of her...my biggest this year so far... and then walked back to the vehicle.

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