June 15, 2020

Trip Report "Weeds" Crawford

Returned for the second time chasing a couple bigs that eluded me in early March.  I hit the water at 11:30am.  Overcast and 64 when I began. The water was very dirty still.  I drove all the way there so I was going to fish.

I was on the water for over an hour before I scored my first trout here. I actually thought about turning around after an hour.  Center of above photo there is a tiny spring feeding in and that is where I caught my first little.  Then the cows went in the water upstream and made it filthy.  I sat down for 20 minutes and let it clear.

After this hole the waterway went into the woods and weeds to my chest.  It was hard sledding for a while.

The fishing picked up and I was glad I did not turn around.

I have been babying my right hand as of late.  Injured my thumb trying to do some carpentry.  Hooked up on a big one that I needed to use force to turn away from submerged logs.  My thumb screamed at me as I exerted pressure on the hooked jawed male.

I got to use my net today.  Second biggest trout of the year.

Did not measure it. It was at least 20 inches and then some. Stopped fish at 4:30pm.  77 degrees and partly sunny 29 browns to hand total.  Lost a couple more at shore that were photo worthy. Had to put on 2 kinds of bug spray three times to be able to tolerate the deer flies and gnats.

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