June 23, 2020

Trip Report "Bees and Butterflies and Thistles"

It has rained a lot here over the last 2 days.  Cabin fever got the best of me and I had to wander.

My wandering had a mission if the streams were unfishable. The streams in Richland County were blown out.

Last night I was thinking about my mother.  She passed away 6 months ago yesterday.

I decided if the streams were too dirty I was going to go on the backroads near my hometown. I decided I would look for my mother's Musk Thistle she saw 2 years ago on one of our wander about at this exact time of year.

The Musk Thistles were exactly where my mom and I discovered them 2 years ago. The bumble bees were busy collecting nectar.

The Aphrodite Fritillary were also collecting nectar.

The streams were clean in Crawford County. My first and second choices to fish were occupied.

My third choice was free.  I spoke to the land owner and petted his Great Pyrenees dog "Princess"

Partly sunny and 66 degrees.

An Easter Tiger Swallowtail posed on a field thistle for a photo.

Fished for 2 hours.  23 browns to hand.

The below brown was best trout of the outing.  I thought I had a monster on at first.  It was very powerful and hugged the bottom. I got it under control and to the net.  I smiled and thought: "This trout thought it was bigger."

On the way home I stopped at the cemetery and talked to my mom.  I told her that her thistles were back. Her spiderwort was also in the same place.

She may be gone but she will never leave.  

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