March 24, 2020

Scouting Mission "Needle In A Haystack"

Scored 2 huge permissions over the last couple days. Both connect. Talked to the owner of the lower part this morning.  I asked him if he ever had chased trout in there.  He told me once 50 years ago when he soaked a worm for 20 minutes.  He told me exactly where to go so I would be close to the water.

My view from near the vehicle.  I was going to leave the rod in the vehicle but the urge to try this massive water "Needle In A Haystack" was more than I could stand.

I walked 300 yards and worked the three areas pictured.

This stretch was very intimidating and the amount of water to cover daunting. The water was still kinda cold so I hit slack water and obvious step drops.

I felt under gunned for the waterway. I hit the hole pictured above.  I slowed my retrieve at shore because there was a deep slow area near the bank.  My spinner suddenly slammed on the breaks and then continued.  I dismissed it as a log or snag.  I threw in the area 20 more times.  No snags or logs. I even slowed my retrieve even more to try to snag.  No snags.....My next thought was: "Giant trout or maybe a pike,"

This needle in a haystack area will need some more exploring with some bigger stick baits the next time.  I barely scratched the surface of this new permission.

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