December 05, 2019

Log Book Review "Best" Memory 2019

Looking back on my log books for 2019. Caught a lot of trout and some decent ones. Friends that fished with me did well also. The one outing I remember the most happened with me leaving the rod/reel in the vehicle.

I had seen a photo that Pete Hammes had taken. It was of a spring coming out of the hillside. The spring was not the way I remembered it and I was sad because of it. The spring and I had history all the way back to 1962.

I contacted Pete and we met up and went and talked to the land owners of the spring and asked if it was ok to clean it up a little. They were just fine with us cleaning it out. I didn't make a cast...didn't catch a fish...Was my most memorable moment on stream in 2019.

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