November 06, 2019


If you ever fish with me and I say: "Check your knot and look for ticks in the line." Heed what I just said.  Also when I say that do not jump down banks or off logs.  Try not to step on branches.
I took a friend to exactly where I caught this one.  I uttered the check your knot statement and he listened but he crawled up on a down tree and then jumped off it and then jumped down the back to get in a better casting angle.. He heard my deep sigh of disgust and asked what he did wrong. I told him he might as well as thrown a big boulder in the hole.


  1. Indeed.
    The streams I fish most often are small. After 50 years I still struggle with the one single thing I could do to catch more fish. That one thing? Improve my stealth.

  2. Lynn,
    You took me fishing one beautiful fall day 10 or 15 years ago. You might remember me being from Texas,skeptical about my pen name and that I caught a double of brook trout fishing with a snagged cottonwood bloom. I read your blog today and am happy that you are able to fish again. Your back was hurting that day.
    I have a lifetime of memories from those precious few hours spent with you. I told you i did'nt care about big fish so you took me to a special brook trout stream. Perfect in every way. My only regret looking back was not having a steak and beer with you for dinner that night. I ate alone back at the motel. Thank you my friend for those memories. I can still see the fall color of the brook trout in my mind. I often think of you and your kindness. Thank you again for the memories! Kenny (Dry Fly)