November 15, 2019

Closed Season Scouting

Many years ago I asked permission and fished the stretch.  It was not the best fishing.  Lots of erosion and weeds in the water.  The bordering waters above and below I did ok in years past.  I revisited a stretch 23 years later to see how it fished last year.  There were new owners so I introduced myself and procured permission.

I did well on the stretch that ends at the birch trees on the upper right.  I stopped there because I did not have permission.  Today I looked at the plat map for the county and found out who owned the next stretch.  I drove out there this morning and got a huge new stretch of permission.

The land that borders the new permission was very good to me in 2019.  So above and below the new permission is good.  The new permission should be good also.

The last 2 above were caught on same water the last day of season this year.

Permission received today ends 100 yards below this bridge between the other bridge pictured.  I got 900 yards of new permission between the 2 pictures.

The above pictured bridge and stretch was good to me last year.  I am excited and anticipating some more excellent trout angling January of next season.

I now have a continuous permission on this waterway for 2 miles.  Years prior it was marginal.  Marginal no more.