August 19, 2019

Trip Report Warm Water And Cheat Day

Went to my hometown this morning to get a haircut and fish a while.  Two hours later one hair cut and one smallie I headed home via the Apple Orchards.  Stopped at my favorite orchard "Sunrise." I stopped to take a couple photos of Barb's Barn Quilts she did  for them.

I did not make it out the door without 2 dozen apple donuts.  Today is their yearly grand opening.

I guess today is going to be a diet cheat day.  I am allowed one once a month.

I drove by the Pie Depot and had to stop. One rhubarb strawberry pie in oven as I type.

Thought what the heck....a cheat day needs to be appreciated.  Barbequing chicken today and having corn on the cob and Busch baked beans with steak fries.  Later will wash it down with my favorite barley pop.

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