June 22, 2019

Pike Follies

I went to Gays Mills again this afternoon to try for a rematch with the mystery large fish that abused me two days ago.  There were no cars parked at my favorite place.  The wife got out and went walking in Gays Mills.  Before she left she told me that there was an angler there fishing.  Low and behold it was Steve McManamy and he was soaking a worm.  

I asked him if it was ok if I shared the wall with him.  He replied any time.  I went down there and found out his son Preston and a friend had been there all day without much luck.  Preston and his friend walking downtown to get something to eat.  Steve and I talked and casted...Preston and his friend came back from eating.  Steve sat down and watch them drop in their minnows exactly where Preston had caught a large pike.  Both bobbers were basically in 4 feet of water not 5 feet off the cement wall.  Steve decided to go up to his mother's house to eat.  He said they had fished all day and had not caught anything.

Preston's friend promptly caught a small pike.  I helped unhook it.  I used my long forceps to unhook the skinny wild acting pike.  I made sure not to touch it because I was going somewhere and thought I did not want to stink like pike.

It wasn't five minutes later his bobber went down and another pike was on.  Preston netted the big pike.  Preston and his friend fiddled with the big pike for a while trying to unhook it.  I got tried of watching them flail.  I assisted with unhooking it.  I was careful not to get dirty again.

two snapshots and of the bigger pike and off it went.  I unhooked 2 pike without incident and with out pike slime.

I tossed a big stick out and hooked up on a hammer handle pike.  It was so small I needed no assist.  I decided to hold the pike's head out of the water with my left hand on the rod and right hand on my long handled forceps and grabbed the treble with the forceps.

The skinny hammer handle went berserk and shook its head violently.  My right wrist felt like it was on fire and I looked down.  There the little pike was hanging off my wrist with 2 of the trebles poking into my wrist.  I stared in disbelief and pain at the pike hanging off my wrist.  The pain was extreme and I had a flash thought...."How in the heck am I going to get these trebles out of wrist with this crazy pike hanging off of it?"  

The thought was only fleeting and before I could act the pike thrashed again and tore out the treble hooks out of my wrist.  Sorry no photos.  The pike was released unharmed.  I did not get my clothing dirty from handling the pike.  I did wrap my wrist to stop the bleeding from two large treble hooks being ripped out.


  1. Stopped at the bridge hole and tossed my rapala overboard. Fish on. Reeled up a 14" brownie but I'd left my forceps in the van. Nuts. I can do this. Fish flopped, both sets of trebble hooks were buried in my finger tips. Fish was still on. That hurt. Walked back to the van fish and all................cut my braided line, got the fish off, drove to the cabin with 2 fingers stapled together. Told wife nonchalantly..............I need to drive up to LAX. Duct taped my fingers with rapala so as to not add to my problem.
    Got up to Gunderson ER and walked in. Can you help me with this? Sure. We see a lot of that round here in the summer. Cost me $1200. Out of network.
    If I don't have or forget my forceps, I turn around and go get them, or I dont fish. I watch some Sat. morning TV fishing shows, and CRINGE. Never again.