May 13, 2019

Trip Report 5/13/19 "Bruce Ristow"

Hit the water at 7am.  Robin's Egg Blue Skies and 35 degrees.  Shadow control was hard at first and then sun got up a little and it was a little better.

Bruce was throwing big stuff the entire morning.  We ended at 11am.

Bruce landed 10 browns.

I landed 15 browns and one wayward brook trout.  My biggest on that stretch was about 17 inches.  No photo because it was hooked badly and I wanted to get it back in the water.

This one was photogenic.

The bright sun was a serious pain.  I tried the jelly worms out trying to look like a brook lamprey.  Had one hit that pulled the plastic a little and lots of snags on logs.

Went solo after Bruce went home.  There were a few more clouds and the trout reacted accordingly.

I landed 16 browns.  At 1pm is was partly cloudy and 65 degrees.

Had a really big one on for about 2 seconds and it came unbuttoned. 

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