June 22, 2019

Pike Follies

I went to Gays Mills again this afternoon to try for a rematch with the mystery large fish that abused me two days ago.  There were no cars parked at my favorite place.  The wife got out and went walking in Gays Mills.  Before she left she told me that there was an angler there fishing.  Low and behold it was Steve McManamy and he was soaking a worm.  

I asked him if it was ok if I shared the wall with him.  He replied any time.  I went down there and found out his son Preston and a friend had been there all day without much luck.  Preston and his friend walking downtown to get something to eat.  Steve and I talked and casted...Preston and his friend came back from eating.  Steve sat down and watch them drop in their minnows exactly where Preston had caught a large pike.  Both bobbers were basically in 4 feet of water not 5 feet off the cement wall.  Steve decided to go up to his mother's house to eat.  He said they had fished all day and had not caught anything.

Preston's friend promptly caught a small pike.  I helped unhook it.  I used my long forceps to unhook the skinny wild acting pike.  I made sure not to touch it because I was going somewhere and thought I did not want to stink like pike.

It wasn't five minutes later his bobber went down and another pike was on.  Preston netted the big pike.  Preston and his friend fiddled with the big pike for a while trying to unhook it.  I got tried of watching them flail.  I assisted with unhooking it.  I was careful not to get dirty again.

two snapshots and of the bigger pike and off it went.  I unhooked 2 pike without incident and with out pike slime.

I tossed a big stick out and hooked up on a hammer handle pike.  It was so small I needed no assist.  I decided to hold the pike's head out of the water with my left hand on the rod and right hand on my long handled forceps and grabbed the treble with the forceps.

The skinny hammer handle went berserk and shook its head violently.  My right wrist felt like it was on fire and I looked down.  There the little pike was hanging off my wrist with 2 of the trebles poking into my wrist.  I stared in disbelief and pain at the pike hanging off my wrist.  The pain was extreme and I had a flash thought...."How in the heck am I going to get these trebles out of wrist with this crazy pike hanging off of it?"  

The thought was only fleeting and before I could act the pike thrashed again and tore out the treble hooks out of my wrist.  Sorry no photos.  The pike was released unharmed.  I did not get my clothing dirty from handling the pike.  I did wrap my wrist to stop the bleeding from two large treble hooks being ripped out.

It was inevitable

It was inevitable 

She discovered it four years ago.

It was where she took her break and listened to nature.

Seasons came and went.

She looked forward to the bench on the crest of forever.

Time waits for no one and life plods on.

Last winter she called me from her bench and told me a tree had fallen and nearly crushed her time machine.

A trip to her bench this Spring was eye opening.  Time had not been kind to her bench.  It still was strong enough for her to sit on and dream.

The phone rang today.  I could see it was my beautiful wife calling from her hike.  I detected a little sadness in voice.  She told to me to check my email and there was photo in there I should see.

Her wonderful bench will not see another spring.  It was unable to bear her weight. She only took a photo and kept hiking.

June 21, 2019

Fun Ride This Morning

was throwing a rippin rap upstream about three quarters right up to the dam. I did a couple up downs and then felt fish and set the hook. The powerful fish then took off downstream at a slow but not turtle’s pace. I have landed 35 inch pike with the rig I was using without the drag singing.

It kept running drag downstream….no head shakes…constant drag going out….I reached up and tightened my drag…..it slowed some but still pulling drag…..I let run almost to the bridge and tighten drag again. It went under bridge and the rap pulled out.
No carp scale on hook…no teeth marks on new rippin rap.
hook up was maybe 10 feet below the dam in the fast water…not a typical carp hang out.
I was on the left near the bench in the photo….photo was taken from bridge.

June 19, 2019

Tried For Pike And Walleye...Nobody Home Except A Water Snake

Went below the dam in Gays Mills to try for a pike or an eye...water was dirty and high...no takers...  There was an interested observer.  It held still and changed positions a couple times...It was not camera shy.

June 18, 2019

Days Like These

These days of skitoes and gnats coupled with weeds up to your neck make me long for April. My knees and back shout at me in these conditions and tell me "NO!"

Days like these I open my photo archives and dream.

My New Net

My new net arrived yesterday.  Made by Brady's Nets.  Is made of Lacewood from South America and has a 18 inch black ghost bag.  I love my LDH Nets but a couple of bigs I caught this late spring nearly tore off their faces rolling in the old type net material.


The new net seems a little heavier but the rose creek net release will handle it.  I will keep my walnut LDH Net as a back up net in the vehicle.


Now all I need to do is catch a big that requires netting to test it out.

The workmanship of both nets are outstanding.


June 14, 2019

Lake Gitchegumee

Barb and I went to Bayfield for a couple days.  Did the Apostle Island tour and went out to Sand Bay so we could say we had been to the Northern most point in Wisconsin.

June 08, 2019

Melting Pot Browns

Von Behr or Loch Leven....you say German Brown...some came from Scotland.    are you correct? 

Some have more bright colors and are a little smaller and the others have more dark spots and are bigger. 

Our brown trout in the area are just like the "melting pot" that is the Midwest.

They were first stocked in our waters over a hundred years ago. 

They have intermingled through the decades....You can say they have this or that trait but you can not say for certain.

Studies have also said their colors come from what they eat and the composition of the what their environment they live in. Such as color of water and plants in the water.  The bottom color even has a part in determining their colors.

Spawning time also brings out some extra coloring that takes a while to fade.

When it comes to Wisconsin browns all are very special in their own way.