October 18, 2018

Who Lived Here?

Why did their dreams not live on?

What caused their dreams to come to an end?  Was it Wisconsin's harsh winters?  Did illness take their dreams and dash them?  Were they displaced for a governmental project? There could be many reasons. 

 From the Kickapoo Valley Reserve to Ash Creek Community Forest and back to the boonies in northern Crawford County this question can be asked. Every county in Wisconsin has them.

Most can not be seen when the under brush grows up after the first part of May here in Wisconsin.  The foundations of folks hopes and dreams are covered by weeds and foliage and forgotten until winter visits and exposes what could have been.

The Barn And The Silo

October 16, 2018


Yesterday marked the end of another trout season.

I am already planning for January 2019 opener.

End Of Season Trip Report

Shane Ironside and I fished a stretch I had not hit since mid June.
The weeds were finally down and we trudged forward.

It was 31 degrees at the beginning of our outing.

The trout were hard to figure out all morning.

We finished the morning with Shane landing 15 browns and me 5.  I watched mostly.

41 degrees for the high this morning windy with lots of sun.

Was better than sitting at home wishing I was fishing.

Fall Means Cooking

Pork Loin

2 yellow onions roughly cut
3 tablespoons minced garlic
4 Stalks chopped asparagus 
5 Stalks celery
8 Ounces baby carrots
6 Tablespoons caraway seed
Liberally salt and pepper
18 ounces secret sauce

Bake in closed blue roaster pan an hour.

Flip fat side up and score and put seeds on again cook for another hour.

Take out vegetables and sauce and strain for gravy.

Put loin back in oven with fat side faced up and brown fatty side for 20 minutes with lid off roaster pan.

October 14, 2018

TR Very Short

Went out 2 days ago...2 fish sticks....

Quit when saw a huge otter with a trout in its mouth duck under the bank.

The serious decline in numbers in that stream figured out.

Crazy Daze

It was October of 1981.  I was stationed in Augsburg Germany.  My unit was the 218th Military Police Company.  I had been in country since October of 1978.  I was a buck sergeant and patrol supervisor.  I was on a midnight shift and the call came in from dispatch.  I was sent to the red light district down in the city center.  I was typically sent to things involving Germans because of being fluent in German.

I got there quite quickly.  I had to get there before the German Police got there.  The German Police were notorious for roughing up drunken American soldiers. I beat the German Police there and called dispatch and told them to cancel the German Police because I could handle it.

I went directly to the business office at the "Hassen Gasse."  The guy that collected the money and maintained the peace met me at my squad car.  It was a typical call for the red light district.  The customer did not like the service and was complaining and drunk and raising heck.

I went into the main hallway there to find a drunken Second Lieutenant butt naked.  All he had on was a condom hanging off this thang.  He was very loud and complaining about the service.  It was obvious he was new to country and very drunk.  He was yelling that he did not get what he paid for.

I tried to calm him down but the alcohol and his officer's bars made him hard of hearing.  He tried to pull the I am an officer and I out rank you speech.  I told him he was out of uniform and I could see no officer bars.  I did lose my patience with him.  I told him if he didn't calm down I was going to have the German Police come and handle the situation.  He was obviously briefed on what let the german police handle it meant and turned tail and stumbled down the hallways to get dressed and leave.

I went back to the business office and talked to the manager.  He thanked me for handling it without the german police coming.  Having them there was very bad for their business.  He was so thankful that he handed me a red piece of plastic.  It was shaped like a coin and had the digit one on it.  He explained to me it was good for a free one.  I told him I could not take gratuities but I would save the plastic token for a keepsake.

I exited the building.  When I went to my squad there were four gals sitting on the hood of my squad.  They worked there.  All four had  big long fur coats and furry tall boots on...…..and that was all.  They had heard that I got a FREE token and they were going to embarrass me into giving it to one of them.

I ignored the half naked foursome on my hood of my squad for a while.  I turned on the loud speaker and over head lights and told them I had to go to another call and they must get off my squad.  This made them laugh and get even more raucous.  I touched my siren every so slightly and put the squad in gear.  They felt the squad being placed in gear and got off my squad. Off I went to my regular patrol area.

Ten minutes later I was ordered to the station immediately.  I was met by the Augsburg Provost Marshal and relieved of duty.  He had received a call about me driving around the red light district with prostitutes on the hood of my squad with lights and siren engaged.  They did not tell me who called in the complaint.

The next day I was escorted to Stuttgart to speak to the Seventh Corp Provost Marshal about my inappropriate actions.  My appointment was at 1:15pm.  I was out in the lobby for what it seemed like forever.  At 1:14pm the outer door of the office opened and out came the second louie I had saved from a butt kicking in the red light district.  He looked at me as he passed me and said:  "Have fun making big rocks into little rocks."

I was called into the office then.  I was terrified.  There was a two door foyer and as I enter the first door I read the name on the inner door.  I recognized the name.  It was a full bird Coronel I had been a driver for the winter before during REFORGER.  Exercise REFORGER (from REturn of FORces to GERmany) was an annual exercise conducted, during the Cold War, by the United States Army. The exercise was intended to ensure that the United States had the ability to quickly deploy forces to Germany in the event of a conflict with the Soviet Union.

I was relieved and certain he would believe me.  He smiled as I walked in his office.  I saluted and he called me by my first name and told me to have a seat.  He said I was potentially in a lot of trouble.  He told me to tell the 100 percent truth and he would believe me.

After I explained the entire ordeal he told me the guy that came out before me was the complainant.  The only problem with the guy's story was he left out the naked and belligerent part.  I told the Coronel what the guy said as he left about making big rocks into little rocks.

I went back to Augsburg immediately.  Two days later I was called by the Coronel himself and he apologized for his former officer.  The guy was kicked out of the army that day.

Fall's Finale

She comes with the first whispers of the wind.

She leaves with the barren corn fields.

She has many colors to chose from in her wardrobe. 

She sometimes comes in like a 


She requires no make up.

She has no rivals in the seasons.

She always leaves us with a smile.