October 05, 2018


Moved to Richland Center from Madison.  Where I worked in Madison removed the residency requirement and I moved so quickly it would make your head spin..

What a great move.  I moved into large trout central.

October 02, 2018


My footsteps disappear behind me as I progress upstream.  The snow builds up on the bill of my hat.  The flakes of snow are getting bigger as my quest continues.  They are so big they splash in my stream as they hit.  There are no other sounds this January morning.  The world is silent.  Silence is just what I require.

October 01, 2018

UW Richland

Was asked to teach a spring night school class at UW Richland today.  Outdoor related with an emphasis on trout fishing.  15 years ago maybe but with 3 knee surgeries and back fusion I could not give it my all.  I referred the university to a couple other anglers.

September 30, 2018

A September Morning

It is a late September morning. I had to wait to start fishing because the fog was too thick. The dew on the grass caused a clear path from where I walked when I glanced back at my vehicle. I could feel the humidity in the air.  My stream was still shrouded in fog. The browns of fall were peeking their heads out of the golden rods. I was headed to my happy place and the world was outstanding for me. You can't see my face in this photo but I was smiling.