August 18, 2018

In The Distance

What am I looking for?

Where am I going?

Will I know when I get there?

Is it far away?

Will there be any detours?

Can you get there from here?

Will I always be searching?

Will there be bumps in the road?

Will the path be long?

Will I be happy?

Will the journey be fruitful?

Will there be colors and laughing along the way?

I sure hope so.

August 12, 2018

Humming Bird Moth

With all of my morning glories in bloom I was kind of bummed I had not attracted a humming bird moth.

That just changed.  I spotted one zooming my deck.  It sure was frustrating trying to get a photo.

I finally noticed it was doing a pattern and stayed quite strictly to it.

I set up and focused on the nearest morning glory in its path and it stayed true to pattern.,

Not the best photos because its wings are going 100 miles an hour but very satisfying for me.

Will try again later with my other camera.

White-lined Sphinx

New Morning Glories Busting Out

New arrivals to my deck.

Bean Soup?

Could not decide whether to use ham or bacon so opted for both this morning.