August 04, 2018

Oh My God!!!!

Went fishing with Gary Peters at first light this morning.  We both were throwing panther martins.  Gary was using his bass fishing expertise and mining log jams most of the morning.  Gary landed about a dozen decent browns and one smallie.  I landed 7 browns.

Near the end of our outing Gary was mining a down tree about 5 yards down stream of me.  I heard a loud scream of "Oh My God!!" and I turned to look at Gary.  Gary's rod was belt in half and he had an absolute monster at the surface fighting for all it was worth.  The splashes the trout made literally went above Gary's head.  Before I could get to him to help, the monster female brown got off.  Gary got a good look at the fat female brown and exclaimed it was over 2 feet long.  We talked about returning after her at a later date. I told him giant trout that are landed or lost need a name.  The legend of Cindy Brown began today.

We fished a short stretch more.  Gary blew a wind knot and was casting downstream to unsnarl it.  I fired in while waiting for Gary.

I was freight trained right near shore.  Gary did an expert netting job for me.  Gary held it for a couple photos. I am picky about photos and like taking them myself. It did some serious struggling when Gary first held it for a photo.   I dubbed the male brown Butch.

August 01, 2018

Trip Report Warm Water

The river was a little muddy so I broke out the big white twister tails and did some jigging.

One smallie and one largie very small.

One medium sized walleye.

July 29, 2018

Angling Buzz

I was asked by my good friend Gary A. Engberg to do some short fishing videos for the Angling Buzz's new show. Gary is the camera and I can handle short outings.  Wish us luck!