July 28, 2018

Rattle trap scores

third largest size rattle trap.  Broke in my new fenwick elite rod also.

A Cringeworthy Tale

It was long ago when I worked in Madison.  A couple of my nephews and their dad planned an outing at Essen Haus.  They brought along one of their best drinking buddies.

This german beer hall is know for its huge beers and hard partying.

This evening began at 6pm and the people were happy and there were lots of giant beers consumed.

We were being good boyz and drinking slowly and ate in the middle of the evening to buffer the beer tsunami. 

The crowd started to thin and we were about to call it a night when it got lively again.  A huge bachelor party came in.  They were doing 2 liter boots and the groom was already smashed.  We watched their shenanigans for a while and laughed.

We were swept up in the merriment and got our second winds.  I bought my nephews a couple shots.  The shots were Stroh Rum and 180 proof.

No more pictures were taken this evening.  You will have to use your imagination for the rest.

Both of my nephews refused the shots when they were lit on fire.  The tall blue flames off of the rum in the double shot glasses was imposing.  The drinking bud that my nephew brought along blew the flame off one of the shots and slammed down the gasoline like shot.  The second shot still was blazing blue.

The table of crazies from the bachelor were as loud as ever and no one at our table was going to drink the flaming shot so it was taken to their table to consume.

The groom that was getting married the next morning quickly volunteered to drink the flammable gut bomb.

My guess is that he never had a flaming shot before.  You are to only light it for a short time and blow out the flame before you drink it.

The groomsmen were cheering him on and beating the tables and the whole bar turned to see what was going on.  The groom did not blow out the flame.  He put the shot glass to his lips.  There was an audible sizzle sound.  It sounded like a steak being put on a hot grill.  The extremely hot shot glass branded his lower lip.  His reaction was to pull the branding iron away from his mouth.

The flaming shot splashed up on his face and down to his chest.  The groom was on fire.  The drunks at the table were horrified.  They were all stunned.  They all tried patting him to put him out.  My brother in law sprung to his feet and pulled the groom's T-shirt over his head to suffocate the flame.

The entire bar went wild. The groom was so trashed he even ordered another giant boot to pass afterwards. I walked over to talk to him.  I felt bad because I had initially purchased the flame thrower.  The groom told me not to worry and that he was just fine.  I took a look at him and his eye brows and eye lashes were burnt off. 

 As I spoke to him he reassured me he was going to be fine.  He was getting married in the morning.  As he spoke I watched giant blisters form on his forehead and chin.  The brand mark on his lip looked like a half moon from the shot glass. It was not blistered.  It looked black and awful.  I talked the designated driver in to taking him to urgent care.  They left quickly thereafter.  The bar was dead quiet as they left.

July 27, 2018

All The Views

My prior post highlights the open hearth and smoke house from the homestead.

The stream being in close proximity was the reason for building there.

This hole was used for bathing and washing clothing.

It supplied drinking water and food for the settlers.

It was the life blood of the homestead.

I have taken many photos of it through the seasons to try to capture why they picked this area.

You move out into the middle of no where to get away from the rat race.  You carefully pick a building site.  This hole is just downstream of a feeder that has a huge spring feeding it.  This hole stays unfrozen year round because of the feeder.

Your best plans are thwarted by the Spanish flu.  As if life was not going to be hard enough anyway with the long frigid Wisconsin winter you are dealt an illness which was much more prevalent in the big cities. 

The old tree laying in the stream behind me might have been a sapling when they built their dream.  Maybe they planted it 100 years ago.

Their dream of living off the land in a place obviously far away from others was short lived.  They had a dream and now it is a yarn to be told and held reverent. 

Present For Myself

I bought a Ruger 44 magnum four years ago.  It was a beautiful weapon. I got a concealed carry permit.  I could not get a decent holster to go with it.  The ones I found had the pistol hanging downward and the weight was not distributed properly.  I got rid of it because of the weight all in my shoulders and the potential of the weapon falling out of the holster.

A week ago I picked up a Ruger 480 from Moe's Hardware in Black River Falls. The 480 has much better ballistics than the 44 mag. I quit being cheap and got a stellar Galco shoulder holster system.  I renewed my concealed carry permit.

July 26, 2018

another smallie on a trout stream

the temperatures are going up and so are the smallie numbers.

July 25, 2018


Tortellini stuffed with spinach and ricotta cheese.

Alfredo sauce with seafood.


Steamed Broccoli

Garlic Bread

One Century Old

Built by the entire family in rural southern Wisconsin the summer of 1918. Many seasons have passed since then.  The entire family died from the Spanish flu with the exception of the father in late September 1918.

The family smoke house still stands also.

July 24, 2018

Facebook Driftless Streams Album

Len Harris' Driftless Streams

Grab a pop or a cup of coffee and sit down and enjoy. Click above link.

July 23, 2018

Josh and Jeremy Hoff Do The Driftless

Josh and Jeremy caught 49 browns and one brook this morning.

Josh scored his driftless personal best.