July 07, 2018

Third Cast

Went back today after pike.  Even had same lure on.  By the way it fought I thought it was huge.  Fought better than yesterday's bigger one.

July 06, 2018

First Cast

Drove to my home water for a little pike fishing this morning.  Put on a size 11 blue deep diving husky jerk.  Was rewarded immediately.

July 03, 2018

Gays Mills "Brigadoon"

"Gays Mills"

 The origin of “Brigadoon” comes from an old movie.  Brigadoon was a village that only appeared once every one hundred years in the morning mist.  It stayed for a day and then disappeared for another hundred years back into that mist. This made the town virtually impossible to visit twice in a lifetime.  It was an unspoiled place.   The village was from the olden days.  The folks were simple folks and were satisfied with their life.  The place was magical and only dreamers dare imagine it.