June 22, 2018

Names of wildflowers

Sometimes I scratch my head at people's names of things in nature!!!!

If you are going to name something beautiful and awe inspiring.....please use your imagination.

Touch me not.....bravo good imagination.

Liver wort?  Come on try harder.  This purple beauty deserves a better name.

Scarlet Elf Cup....A++

Bell wort?  Back to mediocrity

Dutchman's Breech....I smile every time I say it.

June 20, 2018

Wander About Day

Took my mother to lunch today and took the long way home.

A wander about usually includes a couple trout streams.

Today was like any other wander about.

The headwaters were fishable.

The plant growth and bugs were awful.

Trout were rising at every bridge I went over.

I need to go after trout soon.

The insects were busy collecting pollen.


The musk thistles were really a busy place,

The Spiderwort were appreciating some rain.

June 19, 2018

Seasons Of My Life

With the roller-coaster weather as of late I have been sitting inside and enjoying photos of seasons past.  Stifling hot was not one of photos and never will be.

When one typically thinks of the seasons they start with Spring.

I am anything but typical.

My photography speaks to me.

Each photo tells a story.  Words are not required.

Anyone can buy a camera and call themselves a photographer.

My photos tell my story and the seasons of my life.