June 09, 2018

Another Foodie Adventure

From the old German Beer Hall in Milwaukee

To the Hof Brau Haus Panama City Beach Florida.

To the Glarner Stube in New Glarus Wisconsin

To Mader's in Milwaukee

On to the Dorf Haus in Roxbury Wisconsin.

To the dessert table at the New Glarus Motel.

This German food adventure continues later today at the Hof Brau Haus Chicago.

June 08, 2018

Interesting Discovery

Every morning I weed my morning glory beds and I found these two.

Crane Flies doing the wild thing.  I let them be and finished my weeding.


I have only seen one alive rattlesnake in Wisconsin in my 61 years.

Barb and I were doing a hike at Wyalusing State Park.  Barb took my photo. She was at the top of the stairs there to take the photo.

Barb came down and handed me the camera and I went up to her perch to take a photo of her.

After I took Barb's photo I heard a noise and looked down at my feet and a young small rattlesnake was there. I  dashed away immediately. I alerted Barb and we waited until it slithered away and she exited the overlook very carefully.  SORRY no photo.

Gray/Black Rat Snake (Pantherophis spiloides)

I witnessed this snake crawl across CTH Q just west of Richland Center Thursday June 7th.  My estimate at length was nearly 7 feet.

I sent away a series of photos to the state snake specialist.

His response:

This is a black ratsnake – they are pretty rare, I usually only get 1-2 reports a year! 

This snake spends a lot of time in trees where it forages on cavity nesting birds. 

Rori Paloski/ State Snake Specialist 

Phone: 608-264-6040

Gray ratsnakes (Pantherophis spiloides) are a species of Special Concern and a Protected Wild Animal. They prefer savanna and oak forest habitats in southwestern Wisconsin and are known to communally overwinter with other bluff prairie species. This snake spends a lot of time in trees where it forages on cavity nesting birds and small rodents. It will often move into barns and other outbuildings in June during the sparrow and swallow nesting season. Gray ratsnakes are active from April through early October, breed from mid-May to early June and lay their eggs in mid- to late July, the latest egg-laying snake in Wisconsin. The young hatch in September, shortly before overwintering.



Ok you are allowed to shudder now.  This 7 foot long snake spends most of it's time in trees!!!

June 07, 2018

The Longest Snake I Have Ever Seen In The Wild "Wisconsin"

Last year this time of year I thought I had seen the longest snake ever.  The below snake looked just short of 6 feet.

Blue Bird Lane Gays Mills Wisconsin.

I have a fear/respect for snakes but I still love taking their photos.

This 3 footer was crossing the road on De Lamater Rd in rural Gays Mills.

The below 4 and a half footer was also on De Lamater Rd. rural Gays Mills

It posed for a photo after it chased me around the vehicle twice.

This almost 5 footer was sunning on the centerline.  Near Sabin

This 4.5 footer posed on the centerline for me. Near Rolling Ground

I spent a moment stream side with the 4 footer while trout fishing.

Today on the way to my mother's I took the backway out of Richland Center on CTH Q.  I was about 3 miles out of town and there it was crossing the road.  I stopped to usher it across to make sure no one ran it over.  Before I got out of my car for photos I looked at it's head shape and then checked out it's tail.

It was at least 6 and a half feet long.

June 06, 2018

Every year about now I reminisce

Every year about now I reminisce.  Call it pre-birthday blues or call it examining my mortality.

I look at my life as a whole and do some what ifs or maybes.

Life is an adventure.  Some turns you regret and others you cherish.

What a hollow and meaningless life I would have had without you two.

I love you Barb and Anna.

June 04, 2018

Joel Warren and Wife Last Thursday

Thank you so much for the tip  It made our trip.  We fished it last thursday and didn't catch many in the first part of the creek, but it got better the farther we went and by the time we made it back to the car, we caught back to back 17" browns, the biggest of our trip!

 We caught 27 total most were over 12”. All caught on spinners(panther Martin, mepps, and vibrax) bright colors.  Camie and Joel are from Luxemburg, Wi.. Warren caught these on his 38th birthday! 

Thanks again.


Shane Ironside Does A Little Exploring In The Driftless

I met Shane online a while back.  He drove down to the Tainter Creek Water Days from upnorth and we met.  I gave him a couple tips.

 Shane's summary of outing: I counted 37 that I released by hand. Some smaller stuff that shook off. Probably 15 % brookies. I fished for 2 hours