April 27, 2018

Head Scratcher

My old buddy Scott Larochelle and his friend Matt flew in from the east coast yesterday.  They wanted to trout fish with me.  The weather here has been really flippant lately.  One week ago we had a 9 inch snow storm and all the snow was already gone due to 70 degree weather yesterday and prior days it were above 50.

I at first struggled on where to take them.  They arrived at noon and the sun was high in the sky and only minimal clouds.  I decided to take them to a place I had recent excellent results.  The area was against a hill for about half of the way and had trees on the stream and many log jams.

Matt scored on his second cast.  The first indicator was that it was going to be an excellent outing.  Matt had a size 8 black wooly bugger on.  Scott quickly changed to what Matt was throwing.

Matt caught this brown on the other bank.  The fly barely hit the water and it was engulfed.  Matt and Scott are excellent casters.  My worries that this stretch might be too tight for them quickly faded. I smiled to myself and thought..."These trout have probably never seen a fly before here way back in this out of the way area."  I had just fished this area 11 days prior and my bud Bruce and I slayed them with 92 trout between the 2 of us.  It looked like a possible slam dunk for the east coast anglers at first.

Scott and I watched Matt dissect the first good hole.  There were no takers.

The two seasoned anglers cut up all the holes with little to no success.  Matt took a stream temp and it was 62 degrees.  I thought the temp would be lower due to the recent melt off.

The guys changed to nymphs and back to buggers and back again.  There were squirrels and pheasant tails tried...... There were many tandem nymph rigs tried.  The buggers went back on.  Black buggers....olive buggers and golden retrievers were tried,  Scott even threw a streamer with dumbbell eyes with copper flash to imitate a panther martin flash. They both threw every thing they had tied before the trip.  They weighted their flies....they varied strip speed....they tried every trick in the book. The only trick not tried was a weighted san juan worm...they had none in their boxes.

It was about a third of the way through the stretch until I started in with my panther martin spinner.  I waited until the guys had thoroughly cut up the holes and then I threw in.

The day ended at sunset.  Tally of trout was Matt "one" and Scott 'four" and I netted twenty eight.

Matt and I talked about how I out fished them so badly.  I casted only about half as much as them and typically was third fiddle in each hole I did fish.....Matt thought it must be "Home Field" advantage. The only thing I can guess is the roller coaster water temps caused the trout to want only a large meal.   I am still scratching my head.

April 24, 2018


the melt off has ended.  just need to let the water go down and clarity to rebound.