April 14, 2018


I was wandering on facebook and saw folks looking at squirrels and adoring the cute little rascals.  I too was drawn in by their cuteness.

We had a squirrel that was quite tame and we could feed it by hand on our deck.  I called her Pearl the squirrel.  Any time we were on the deck she appeared.  After a while she wasn't satisfied just getting peanuts from an outstretched hand.  She would crawl right up on our deck table and demand peanuts.

One time she tasted my wife's little toe that was peeking out of her flip flops under the table. It wasn't much of a nip but imagine what those teeth could do?  They can crack a walnut.  Just imagine what a bloody mess a toe could look like.  Pearl once thought my bare leg was a ladder to the table and I can tell you those claws on a squirrel hurt.

We decided to ignore pearl hoping she would go away.  This didn't work.  She brought a friend the next time.  We watched the 2 interact.  They took breaks from begging and wrestling to scratch at themselves.  I could see fleas jumping off them.  We got a bike horn to sound to scare them away because they became too aggressive and demanded to be fed.

One time I saw Pearl crossing our street.  She had visited the neighbors.  The neighbors had been grilling out hotdogs.  Pearl had stolen an entire hotdog bun and had it in her mouth as she crossed the road.  I had to stop the car to let her pass.  The bun when bit down on centered caused the bun to go up on each end and make it so Pearl couldn't see while crossing the road.

That same year I went to the neighbor's to invite him to trout fish with me.  I went to the back deck patio door.  There was Pearl and her buddy Wilma sitting on their hind legs in the upright position on the step not a foot from the patio door leering in the patio door waiting for their morning handout from the neighbor. The neighbor told me both of them were pests.  He had fed them once and now they came back daily for a hand out.  I thought that was cute.........

Later that year Pearl and Wilma decided they wanted to chew through my siding and take up residence in my attic.  I could hear them messing around in there at all hours.  Enough was enough.  I spoke to a friend that had live traps and caught both Pearl and Wilma and Sam, Henry, Julie, and Gertrude in the trap.  My buddy with the trap told me that I needed to take the squirrels at least 10 miles away or they would boomerang back.  He also said to put a big waterway in between also.  All the squirrels now reside in Muscoda.

April 12, 2018

Thousands Of Glory Shots Through The Years

The standard "grip and grin" shots lost their luster recently.  My good friend Frank "Goatboy" Denallo inspired me a couple years back on how to take less than boring big trout shots.

It takes a special trout to get the up close and personal treatment..  It needs to be sporting a large kype or be extremely photogenic.

There is just something about that lower jaw that makes you say "Wow!"

This female bow lacks the kype and the smarts of a small stream brown but still looks good on full frontal shots.

Not often does the photo subject warrant a full frontal shot.  When they do it is sweet.

April 11, 2018

Not A Numbers Outing But A Good Outing

Andrew Nezworski and I hit the water at 9am.  It was 44 degrees already and waterway was crystal clear and there was a bright sun.  We quit an hour in and moved to a bigger waterway.

We were back on water by 11am.  It was 50 degrees by then.  Hazy and intermittent full sun. I peeled off a layer.  The fish began to cooperate.

I had a hit today that almost tore my rod out of my hand.  Andy was awed that I did not hook up on the fish. He watched the ferocious hit.

The day ended with the clouds finally coming in.  We caught 20 browns between us.

April 10, 2018

Fishing My Way Home

I visited my 90 year old mother today and hit a couple places I had not hit in a while.  I also went back to the area I spooked that huge female brown a week ago.  She was not home but quite a few others were home.

Caught a dozen trout in this hole.  One light colored brookie about 14 inches...loaded with gill lice and another smaller brookie with gill lice.

Caught 5 browns from this hole. One was about 17 inch skinny male brown that didn't want its photo taken.

Two hours of fishing yielded 27 trout.  Was 42 degrees and cloudy.  Used gold panther martin deluxe in size 9 only today.

April 08, 2018

Read The Water Read The Elements

Trout homes are seasonal.  They lay in different areas dependent on water temps and the sun and of course food.

Where would the alpha be in this setting?


Where and why?


Where and why?


Where and why?

Richland Center Tourism

The tourism group from my county is actively luring anglers and outdoor enthusiasts to come to visit Richland County.

They hope if people come to visit they will love it and possibly move here due to the wonderful resources.


"The Center of it All!"

Yesterday the wife and I went to Garavillio Iowa to search out her billboard she is pictured in.

Last month we traveled to Potosi Wisconsin to see the trout fishing billboard.

Billboard Photos by: Len Harris