March 30, 2018

Memorable Outing With Bruce Ristow

Have not fished with Bruce for quite a while.  We found the time today.

Bruce and I had fished this stretch about four years ago prior to all of my medical problems.

I can't resist a good seasonal juxtaposition of one of my favorite stretches.

It was 46 degrees by noon.  The sun came out on and off.

Bruce and I were throwing our favorite spinners.

We quit at 5pm with a count of one brook trout and ninety-one browns.

Many brown in the 10-13 range.  Couple over 14 and one larger trout.

I caught small trout of the day.  It was about 4 inches long.


The Wisconsin weather is too much for many folks.  It is what makes it so unique for me.

March 28, 2018

When Words Are Not Enough

Words sometimes are inadequate to describe the beauty of a trout stream.

March 27, 2018

new license and trout stamp

buy it soon. expires end of March.

Gary Peters

The rain caused a change of plans this morning.  We went to my home water.  Gary had a spincast reel and 8 foot long modified fly rod and was throwing beetle spins and smaller panther martins at eager small head water natives.  Gary said:  "It is so peaceful, I have not heard another person or vehicle in hours." "I bet this is what heaven is like."

Gary had one of those memorable 6 trout in 8 casts holes. His smile indescribable.

Went Out Today

Mostly driving and hitting bridges.

I over did last Friday and my body is paying the price for it.

I did make it to my home water during my wandering today.

Gill lice have not made it there.

This beautiful female brookie was clean and showed no evidence of gill lice.

I smiled as I set her free.

March 26, 2018

Went To Cabelas Today And A Fish Tail

I tried my dangest to find someone to trout fish with this morning.  I struck out three times so decided to drive to Prairie to restock my tackle box for pike and walleye season that opens in about a month.

I also purchased the lure that Stace did so well with the last outing.  Not the exact lure because I just couldn't wrap my mind around such a big lure for trout.  They are not pictured in above photo.

I hopscotched my way back to Richland Center.  The conditions were overcast and perfect trout weather. Any stream close to the road got a short look see. I don't like going way out in the boonies anymore alone.

The first stream I picked up five browns.  Nothing very large.

 The trout above had some really unusual pupils.

I stopped another place and picked up a few more littles.

I made another stop where the hole is literally 10 feet from the road.  It is a sure thing brook trout hole. I jigged just a little while.  I had three brookies on but slack lined them so I didn't actually have them hooked.  They were just too easy to catch and with the stream riddled with gill lice I decided to leave.

I stopped at a place a little farther from the road and circled downstream and fished back to the vehicle.  The stream is a small one.  It is 2 rod lengths across most places.  The depth varies from 10 inches to 24 inches with some cut banks.

I saw a small tree branch in the water and there was a little cut out under the branch from the water going under it.  I fired a cast near the branch and was rewarded with this decent brown.

You can see the branch in the photo.  Looks like a thumb sticking out of the water directly under the trout in the water near the front fins.  That is where the trout was laying.  When I get a trout out of shallow lay like that I typically don't cast back in the area.  I always say any smart trout won't be stupid enough to hit after the commotion caused by the prior trout.

I walked upstream about 10 yards.  I was just past the thumb in the water.  I heard a commotion behind me and spun around immediately to see what was causing the splashing.

Not 5 yards away was that limb sticking out of the water and the splashing and waves were quite big.  My eyes immediately zoomed in on something I have never seen before while fishing.

There in 18 inches of water I saw a massive fat female brown with it body arched over the limb.  Its huge tail was out of the water.  This 23-24 inch light colored fat brown had held tight under that limb until I walked past her hide. She darted out and did a 180 almost immediately.  Her tail slapped the water and off she went downstream away from me like her tail was on fire. Her motorboat like wake was easy to see even from a distance.  Her back even came out of the water a couple times.  The wildness stopped not far down stream.  She only went maybe 60 yards before she stopped flying.

I had to fight the temptation to run behind her and see if I could get another look at her.  I froze in my tracks.  If I ever wanted to go back there and have a chance at catching her I needed to not traumatize her by chasing her downstream.  I have had big fish leave their lays/runs in the past because I was too quick to chase the trout again right way and try to catch them.  This shy female brown needs an early morning low light attack when it warms up a little.  I will not go directly to where she spooked from.  I will go downstream another 100 yards and fish every limb/log and cut bank thoroughly.

New Billboard Going Up April 1st

I took the photo and Barb is the bicycler.

March 25, 2018

Tip Of The Day

The local streams are fishing good.

A tip for all you cellphone guys that take photos of your catch...the new cellphones have GPS coordinates embedded in your photos....turn the GPS off before taking photos. My friend Stace Spencer pictured here wanted me to take photos on his cellphone but I refused.  He tried to turn off GPS but couldn't figure out how to do it. Unless you want the masses to know exactly where you caught your nice browns....familiarize yourself with your new cellphone settings