March 23, 2018

New Our Wisconsin Magazine Page 32 Article

My good friend Chris Young is one of the featured photos in the article.

Never Too Old To Learn

Went out with Stace Spencer again.  When we went out last I picked on him a little for his lure selection and size of lure.  I called his lures "sharks" because they were much bigger that I typically throw.  He caught more trout the first time we went out and he did the same this time.  The only thing different from the earlier outing was Stace landed some really nice browns today.  No more picking on him for lure selection or size and color.

He landed 17 browns from 11am to 2:30pm.  Was very sunny the entire time.  Of course the clouds moved in as we finished.  I caught 10 browns but I only casted about a third of the times he did.

My only brown over 15 inches to hand.  Lost a really nice one on the second cast.

The sun played heck with us today.  Was 46 degrees by 1pm and stream temp was 40 at 2pm.  Really long walk.  Lots of sitting and watching for me. Not another footstep to be seen.

March 22, 2018

Are You Hungry Now?

I love wandering in search of the "foodie" experience.

Nice weather gives the wife and I the urge to explore other places and expand our foodie hobby.

I cook a lot at home but I like giving Barb a break from dishes.  We have an agreement.  I make the mess she cleans them up.