March 15, 2018

Weather looking trouty

With the warm weather the north facing hills and gullies will be giving up their snow.  Some frost is gone and any melting should not effect the trout negatively.  Cloudy afternoons with temps in the 40s will turn on the bite.  Get out there!

March 14, 2018

Jess Takes A Ride In A Time Machine

Jess Johnson one of my best friends took a ride on father time back 100 years.

March 13, 2018


 tiny turtle.

 untrodden snow.

wind walker.

 the smell after a summer rain.

nature's artistry.

A trout on your line

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March 12, 2018

Guest Post Tim Arland And TJ

Hit three Crawford County Streams

Water levels very low

On and off windy

Conditions were on and off overcast and cool

Used pink squirrels/Small scuds/brush hogs

water temps very cold

March 11, 2018

TR Richland County Stace Spencer

Hit the water at 11:15am.  Conditions overcast and 38 at first cast.  Most of outing overcast with a few times sun came out.  Fished/waded  until 3:35pm. Outside temp was 43 at 3pm.  Water temps not above 36.  Got stuck in the mud once and had to have Stace extract me.  I was basically a spectator most of the outing Did less than stellar today.  Stace landed 15 and lost another 5.  I casted maybe 20 times and landed 5. Stace was the designated photo model today.  No need to see my ugly mug. I sat 90 percent of the time.