March 02, 2018

Spring Has Not Sprung Yet

I stopped at my cousin's yesterday.  There were two extra trucks in the driveway. As I exited my vehicle I figured out why.  I heard metal being hammered and I looked up in the woods and there were two guys tapping maples for syrup.  The buckets were hanging off the trees all the way to the top of the ridge.   It was 47 degrees.  The sap was running and the window to collect was happening.

The floor of the forest was still brown and many places had snow.

Every spring I know the true sign of when spring has truly sprung.

It is when the Dutchman's Breeches abound.  There were none to be found.

They will appear in the next 4 weeks.

March 01, 2018

March 01 2018 Trip Report

Water was stained even in the headwaters.  I really had to do some searching to find a decent stream.  This stream temp was 34.  Outdoor temp is 47.  I typically catch lots of brook trout here.  I caught a dozen browns.  Nothing large.

Browns were colorful but on the small side.

Found another big buck streamside.  Wide spread and large curl to antlers.  Bottom horn was frozen to the ground but intact

February 26, 2018

Stace Spencer With His Hooker

Stace was out and about last week and scored this nice male brown in Vernon County.

Stream Clarity/Fishing

Went to one of my favorite head water streams to do a clarity check.

Photos taken at about 12:15pm.  Outside temp was 41.

Fished upstream a short stretch.

Caught one here and had 2 more hits.

Went upstream and had 3 more hits and landed 2 of them.

Went back downstream to where I caught one and had a couple hits and caught another.

At 1:15 it was 46 degrees outside temp and a wave of cold dirty water shut down my fishing.

Went to a second destination and was clearly blown out.

The forecast for tonight says outside temps will not go under freezing over night so that means a constant melt and the conditions will be poor to blown tomorrow.

One good thing about tomorrow is weather forecast says 56 for tomorrow.  That warm should melt the north facing hills and start on the shaded gullies.

I will not be going out tomorrow.