February 19, 2018

Coming To A Billboard Near You

Same Stream...Same Bow?

what ya think? Same fish? 2013 and 2017...same stretch....I don't think bows live that long. They should be dropping bows in at bridges in next couple weeks.




Hatchery Employee:  Bows went in just before the keep season ended. Brook and brown spent brood are going out now. The first of many trips of brood stocking started today. There's some monsters going out there.

February 18, 2018

Andrew N. Trip Report Crawford County

Had a fun day on stream. Good numbers for short day. Caught 40-50 Brown's and one brookie. Fish had good average size  (9-12).

No real big fish seen and only two small fish caught. Pretty cool stretch of water. Can tell it has almost zero pressure. Found all fish in very deep water. Quite a few from the beaver ponds.