February 17, 2018

LDH Nets

LDH Nets

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Don't be that guy that loses your friend's fish of a lifetime due to your inadequate net!!

Andy's Replica Done

Buddy Andy N.got photo of replica from taxidermist of his monster small stream brown. Looks like tax did a good job. lt will be in his den soon. Not often you land a 27 inch male small stream brown "alone" in the driftless on a fly rod.

TR Richland County

Couple days ago it got to 40 degrees and the streams called.  The first place was still iced up at 11am.  The second place was muddy.  I fell back on my old reliable.  Noon to two pm.  Four trout to hand.  Landed only four hits I had.  Nothing of size.

All four trout caught were in flat water with no current.  I am soooo sick of winter.  Guess was better than driving the recliner.

February 15, 2018

My Wife Barb's Photography

My wife Barb has quite the eye when taking all sorts of photos.  She makes a yearly trek to House On The Rock and makes some serious captures there.  She typically only uses a cellphone.  She has no formal training.

It still makes me laugh when people ask what kind of camera she uses.  I equate the ludacris question to asking a chef what stove they use to make a dish.

February 14, 2018

Valentines Day

“When you arise in the morning think of what a privilege it is to be alive, to think, to enjoy, to love ...”
~ Marcus Aurelius

February 12, 2018

Browns Abound


Met him about a dozen years ago.  It was when I did a presentation at a TU Chapter.  He used spin and fly rigs back then.  I invited him to go fishing with me.  He called that next spring and we went.

He was a novice fly angler so he showed up with his old zebco and fiberglass rod.  His intention was to take a couple back to campsite to eat.  He was camping at Alana Springs Campgrounds just outside of Richland Center. He got his limit in no time flat.

His name is Floren.  His old zebco and yellow rod were the minimum of 35 years old.  He greased it up and changed line prior to his first outing in Richland County.

He was here for 3 days so I took him all over the place,

This fish nearly tied his flimsy fiberglass rod in a knot.  It ran between his legs even.

12 years later he is retired and moved here.  He finally retired his old rod and upgraded.  You should see many more photos of him fishing with me this summer.

If you ever meet him on stream you will have to ask him about the story why he retired that yellow rod and zebco.

The story includes a gargantuan brown lost in the above hole.


Seasons on the Pine River Bike Trail

February 11, 2018

New Land Owners New Permissions

I renew permissions about every other year.  Today was one of those days.

Went to one of my big brown stretches because I saw for sale signs were gone from summer.

Two of the places were bought by neighbors and I 5 folded permission.

I scored an old permission that was taken away and then some. They are ALL connected.

I will NOT be able to fish the entire stretch in a season.

Such a problem.

No photos without fish.

Want to catch big trout in Wisconsin Driftless?

First off get away from the manicured petting zoos.

Secondly get a rod/reel combo that has a backbone

Third put some 8 pound power pro on it.

Fourth cast right in to those snaggy messes and expect to lose lures.

Fifth get the fish head up immediately.  Need longer rod over 6 feet long.

Sixth and most important.  Use big lures.  Panther martins in size 9s.