February 09, 2018

A Snowy Friday Morning

I need a little green to shed the winter white stuff

February 07, 2018

My Favorite Trout

Everyone wows at the brook trout.  Their colors are amazing but they are the most stupid trout that live.  There is zero accomplishment when you catch them.  If you have a light rig maybe you get a good battle out of them.

The tiger trout just don't get big enough to trip my trigger.

Rainbows are hatchery rejects.

There can be only one.

When they get large they are hard to catch.  They vary your battles.  You can have a bull rush or a touch the sky and everything in between.

Their fall spawning colors are buttery and awe inspiring.

It isn't even close in my book 

February 06, 2018

Cabbage Potato Sausage Soup

4  Chopped Celery stalks
2  Small Yellow Onions Diced
1  heaping tablespoon chopped garlic
1  medium head cabbage chopped
8  small potatoes peeled and diced 
40 ounces chicken stock
3  medium carrots chopped 

Cook in large pot on medium/low for 45 minutes

Add  Smoked Sausage and Andouille pieces and simmer for 15 more minutes.

Salt and pepper to taste.

Driftless Hit Parade

February 04, 2018

Brook Trout Population Seriously Plummetting

The good old days of brook trout fishing is truly in the past in my homewaters.

It was nothing to have 100 fish mornings and these days you are lucky to catch one or two.

Numbers crashing due to streams warming and brown trout competing for water.  Gill lice and WDNR funds and staffing being cut don't help either.