February 01, 2018


I have fished with many people during my 56 years of trout angling.

Some were memorable and others forgettable.

It was an adventure when I fished with Abe yesterday.

He has fished almost 2 decades longer than me.

His stories could fill volumes of books.

His trout fishing knowledge is second to none.

Not often do I get the privilege to fish with a true master.

He landed over 25 trout.  I batted clean up with about 15.

It was 40 degrees and sunny with bewitching gusts of winds.  We chose a small stream to spend this afternoon exploring.  I sat most of the time and watched Abe methodically dissect the beautiful driftless stream.  The whole while I was listening to tales of elk hunting with a turkey adventure mixed in.  The trout lore was exceptional.  Stories of trout lost and landed through the decades were shared with me.  It was an excellent day.  He even mixed in one story about his wife.  It is very obvious this man loves her dearly.

Thanks Abe

January 31, 2018

Wife Barb Scores Metro Bus Photo

Barbara Harris' photo made Metro Bus. Len and Anna are pictured in Richland County. The cow photo

Andreas Transø

Ocooch Mountain troubadour


January 30, 2018

Sick of the cold

One day 50 degrees and the next 5 degrees.

I am sick of the rollercoaster.

January 28, 2018


I have fished this stretch for over 20 years and had never seen this breath taking rock draw. Other years the leaves obscured my field of vision. How could I have missed such a magnificent creation? Maybe life had slowed down these days along with me. I look around more and take in all of what nature has to give. It appeared to be one solid rock ledge that was impregnable in the past. The gates to eternity were there in the pristine snow across the stream of time.

It was the dead of winter and this virtual "road not taken" was almost magically there before me. There it was just there on the other side of the waterway. I sat down on the stream bank for a good long while and admired the steps that father time had cut in the rock ledge with the help of Mother Nature. The steps seemed so uniform and almost manmade. This anomaly was created by 1000s of years of water assaulting the bedrock of time.  I was hypnotized by its grandeur. It was so quiet sitting there.  There was no wind and not a bird chirping or car or truck rumbling by to ruin the moment.

It was a true metaphor of life there before me. I had walked by this exact spot 100 times in the last 20 years and had not seen this wonder that time had created. What lay on the other side?  Was the rock stairway infinite or finite?

I was fairly certain that this path to the future and the past had never been traveled before by any human due it being so far back in the middle of nowhere. The snow was drifted there and the path still looked precarious. The stream was deep and I would have had to backtrack quite a ways to get to the other side. The rock ledge downstream was closer to the water and made the trek across a swim not a wade. I wasn’t even sure I could make the trip or wanted to. This made the crossing impossible for me that cold dark winter day.

I sat there and thought about life and its detours and wrong turns. I was torn on what to do this cold day way back in the middle of nowhere.  I took this picture and went on my way fishing. As I fished upstream I was a bit melancholy that I was unable to at least walk to the head of the draw and peek over the summit into eternity.

I thought about revisiting this place on a warmer day and take my chances and see what was on the other side. I looked back down stream to the place in the snow that I had sat on the bank for such a long time. I was not ready for the journey up the stairway. Today was a fine day to keep fishing. I decided to not look back and continue forward, not back. My sadness was replaced with a smile and on I trekked.

I visited my stairs just recently.  It was not so cold and the bushes were sprouting leaves and starting to block the entrance.  I strained and squinted to see over the precipice. I even stood up on my tip toes to try to get a better look. So many things rushed through my mind in a split second.

I wondered if my father was there on the other side with my childhood dog chasing squirrels and pheasants.  I was certain my niece Stephanie was there and she was raising heck just like she did when she was with the living.  My sweet sister Katie is there checking on Steph and making sure all the stray cats are fed. My childhood cat will now have a lap to sit always. It truly is heaven now with the new resident Katie arriving with the heart of gold.

I have many things to do yet with my life. I have a few more streams to discover and fish to land before I make the trip to the other side.   I am sure they all will be taken care of in heaven now with Katie there. I am in no hurry.

There are countries on my bucket list to visit and I have not gotten my lifetime supply of kisses from my wife yet.   I have not seen my daughter’s beautiful smile enough for an exit.  Eternity can wait.