January 27, 2018

Life Changes

You've walked the path of life for 60 years

Every time you have been in this place it seemed impregnable 

Spring,summer and fall it all looks the same

When winter comes the obstructions of life are gone

The leaves of the rest of the year have disappeared

You can see there is a possible different path to take.

Do you take that turn?

Is your life in need of a new direction?

I think not or you would have found a way before this.

Be positive

Stay the course

Be happy.

Benjamin Schleppenbach

 I am a Lab Technician at the Molecular Conservation Genetics Lab here at UWSP and I did a genetic analysis of the Sauger comparing between the two main populations within the state. A Lake Michigan Drainage population compared to a population in the Mississippi River Drainage. I will be presenting these results in a poster at the 78th Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference.Would love to use your sauger photo for a poster I am making for the presentation.


Memories In The Mist

Memories are a whisper in the soul
As elusive as the mist

Always precious, always dear
Ever present and ever near


January 25, 2018

Sunny Today

It was too sunny for the trout.  Typically you can tell when the fishing is poor.  I take scenery photos.

January 23, 2018

water...clearing fast....

Sand Creek Pellet Heads


Winter Blues

 Seas Branch
 Bad Axe
 Reads Creek
 Coon Creek
 Willow Creek
Tainter Creek

Sick Of Winter

 Fancy Creek
 Crow Creek
 Tainter Creek
Plum Creek

 Copper Creek
 Pine Creek
Hawkins Creek

 Ash Creek
 Knapps Creek
Halls Branch

January 21, 2018


Love is a strange thing.  In the right situation it can last an eternity.  Love can outlive both partners.  In the wrong situation it can be quite temporary.  It can fade with time and it can fade with personal appearance.  True love is unconditional.  It endures everything good and bad in life.

The ability to love is not given to you at birth.  You must learn to love. Many learn it from their parents.  Many never learn how to love unconditionally.  Sometimes it requires a couple tries to find true love. Some never learn and wander the earth alone.

I had to wait to find my true love.  I made an attempt at it at a young age.  I was all in but my choice of partner was not.  It didn't even last a year.  I swore to myself if I ever got married again it would be forever.

I dated her for four years before we were engaged and a year later we were married.  We then waited another seven years before we had a child.  I had always wanted three children but I almost lost my wife and daughter when my wife gave birth. One perfect daughter is enough.

I sit here typing and reminiscing about our journey so far.  If there was one thing I would change in our lives it would be our wedding vows.  I would have removed the till death does us part and replaced it with eternity.

My mother turns 90 the end of February.  She only loved one man her entire life.  She is who I learned unconditional love from.  My dad left us in November 1967.  It was 50 years ago last year that he passed.  My mom talks about him to this day with the same enduring love.

My mom was born February 28th 1928.
My dad was born February 27th 1927.

My mom and dad's love was and is unconditional and eternal.