January 20, 2018

TR One Hour On Water

Hard to find completely open water.  Ice shelves breaking off loudly constantly.

44 degrees outside temps. Partly cloudy.  Not a bad day for this time of year.

Second cast

Over dressed again.  Had to peel off a layer. Wife preached not to over do today. Was sore for 4 days after last outing.

Caught a few more.

Five to hand and three other hits.

Might go out again tomorrow for a couple hours.

January 18, 2018


Over a dozen years back I bumped into a Iowa guy at a campfire at Castle Rock.

He asked me about big trout and where and what to use.

I told him the stretch and advised to work the log jams down stream.

A week later he sent me a photo of the TANK he caught.

He thanked me profusely.

Here is a photo of the wide body.  Not longest but one of the deepest trout I have ever seen.

When you see a photo like this it is burned upon your memory.

You wish you had caught the monster.

Last early season I was fishing in late March.  I had an almost identical sized brown swing and miss at shore.  I tried and tried and it didn't come back.

We had a large snow event and then it melted.  The waterway was blown for at least a month.  I went back a couple times after the tank with no luck.

The weeds became impassable shortly thereafter.

I am looking forward with great anticipation to a rematch with this brown.

What Are These?

I took photos of these not having a clue what each one was.  I like trying to identify each but some times I require some help.  The first two I found what they were by myself.  The second two were not so easy.

Scarlet Elf Cup

Wild Cucumber

Turkey Tail Mushroom

Wild Yam Seed Pod

January 17, 2018

Adjust To Seasons

The crab apple trees are blooming.  The farmer just plowed the adjoining field. The world is green and inviting.  This head water stream is shallow and semi exposed due to the lack of trees on the stream.  It is a pasture.  It is the fastest area to clear after a hard spring rain.  Trout will be in the broken water.  Broken water hides their profile in this clear shallow habitat.   The larger trout will be tucked up under the cuts in the banks that spring floods cause. The stream temperatures will be good so the trout do not need to expend too much energy to hold in place in the broken water.

The snow is almost gone.  The water temperatures are still in the 30s.  Those trout you caught in the shallow fast water and under cuts have moved to deeper water with slow current so they will not expend a lot of energy in the cold water.  Look downstream to find the deep wintering holes.


It is late September and temperatures are in the 70s.  The water temperature is in the 60s.  The stream side weed growth is insane.  Walking on the side of the stream is like doing aerobics between casts.  Wading is not an option due to varied depth of the stream.   This stretch appears a perfect habitat for large trout but mother nature has blocked your entry.  This waterway fished much better in April and early May before the banks have armpit high weed growth.

It is January opener.  The outside air is 26 degrees.  The water is 36 degrees.  The stream side weeds have been knocked down due to the winter snow.  The labyrinth of tree roots and cut corners make you giddy.  If you are going to catch trout on this stretch this time of year find the springs and swamp entry points.  The shaded areas will be 5-8 degrees colder and avoid them. Being out in the sunny areas are better in this area because stream is much warmer.  You can forget catching trout in fast water.  The deep slow water is key in cold weather.  If your area is iced over most of the early season that is a sign of cold water and avoid it.  The trout will be behind structure and near spring/swamp inlets.

January 16, 2018

Looking Forward To 2018 Flower Season

In 2016 I decided to  try my hand at growing some flowers on my deck.  My lattice seemed perfect for some climbing flowers. I had not grown a thing since Cub Scout days when Marie Kuzinar our den leader had the entire troop grow flowers as a competition.  I won the contest and the seed was planted in me for a later date.

2016 and 2017 were good years for my Morning Glories.  I expanded the flowers to more of my deck in 2017.  In 2018 I am going to do the entire deck and get vine nets and extend the flowers to my roof.  I ordered 8 new colors.  This will give me 25 different morning glories in 2018.