May 05, 2018

Just Another Friday

The wife and I went wandering yesterday.  We ate supper at a small town in Crawford County.  Supper went quickly.  I ran into a childhood friend there.  John Rundle and his sister Becky were eating supper too. John invited us to sit with Becky and husband and him.

 We talked about the old days and his dad.  John was my best friend throughout my youth.  We had many adventures as stupid snot nosed kids.  A couple of times we almost didn't escape death because of our short sightedness. Our youthful naiveté almost burnt us to death a couple times..... almost drown us...almost blew us up...almost ended us up in jail. We talked about the weather and how it was finally green around here.  Forty-two years have gone by since we got out of high school and we are still best of friends.

I had a couple come up to me at the restaurant and ask me where to fish in the morning. Trout opened that next morning. I gave them a couple possibilities and they went on their way after they profusely thanked me.  John asked me who they were after they left.  I told John I didn't know them from Adam. Barb toned in and said: "Bugs is well known in the trout world these days." We smiled and slapped each other on the back and said good bye.

We went our separate ways after high school.  He had a family and became a school teacher and recently retired. I wandered the world in the army for 7 years and ended back where I began.  I married a hometown girl and had one daughter and went back to college.  I did 30 years in law enforcement.  I am retired now also.

It is amazing how fast and how slow the years passed. Barb and I talked about the misadventures of John and Bugs on the way home.  Bugs is my hometown nickname.  I asked her if it was ok if I took the long way home.  I wanted to talk and appreciate the greens of spring.

We took another side road that Barb told me she had never been down before.  As we slowly drove and talked I told her that this road had one of my photo subjects on it.  I sometimes wonder if she gets sick of me talking about time and it moving so quickly and so slowly.  I slowed down slightly and quit talking.  I wanted to see if she saw it without being prompted.

Barb let out a "WOW!!" and turned to me and asked if that was my oak tree.  My smile answered her question. She said:  "I see why you were enamored with this tree."  She thought it was fitting to see it after we had talked to John and reminisced about the old days.

Life sometimes takes a while to figure out.  There will be detours and road blocks along the way. Many springs and falls will pass.  People will come in and out of your life.  The leaves may fall off the tree and the snow might fall.  There will be another Friday.

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