December 28, 2017

Stream therapy

Long Small Stream Wisconsin Slideshow

Get a drink and sit down for awhile and enjoy.  Click the above link.

So It Begins

So it begins again.  The first Saturday in January is the opener yearly.  It is catch and release and artificial only until the first Saturday in May.  Then you "must" look into your trout regulations to translate the rules.  Don't assume the regulations are the same on a single waterway.  Many vary 2-3 times on a small stream.  The small stream trout season closes every year on October 15th.

I snap a lot of photos while fishing.  Every once in a while I get a photo taken of me. Photo is of me on a opening morning years ago.  I can't remember who took the photo.

I went out on the maiden voyage of the "new" early season and it was a giant waste of time and my fingers nearly froze off. Trout's eyes and gills can be injured when out of the water too long.   If you want to catch trout and safely do so for you and the trout please wait until the temperature is above 32 degrees.  Trout can be seriously injured by the cold in the "play with your food season."  Wife's name for the early catch and release only season.

If you must go make sure you layer up.  You can always take off layers but you can't add them if you don't start layered.  Extra dry gloves and socks are a must.  I typically carry a whole set of dry clothing in case I take a dip.

My favorite time of the year to chase trout is the middle of April.  The weeds are still at a minimum and walking stream side is easy.  The temperatures are much more tolerable. The warmer temperature actually turns on the fish and they bite more actively.

My first large trout of 2017 season.  I took one photo quickly and sent it back to its watery home.

I Hate Winter

The only positive of winter in my opinion is it kills the weeds stream side and the snow knocks them down.

This stream has weeds to your armpits in early June that makes this stretch impassible.

This waterway also.

Sweet photo but not my cup of tea because of the weeds.

December 26, 2017

new lures and rod/reel came today

just need 30 more degrees on the thermometer and I am there.


stark and cold.

Fairy Tale

We left Salzburg a day early.  It rained the day prior and we contemplated doing the Sound Of Music Tour again like we did in 1998.  I am not a fan of expensive repeat performances and I talked Barb into leaving a day early to Venice.

We drove across the river Salz and Barb snapped a parting photo as we left.  We knew that ways lead on to ways and we probably would never visit Salzburg again in our lifetime.  We left with a heavy heart.

We were leaving a day ahead of schedule so we were taking our time driving to Italy.  Barb saw a tiny brown sign on the side of the Autobahn and made me turn off so she could read it.  We searched for quite a while for the brown small sign.  We weren't in a hurry so I was more willing to wander.

There was the sign.  It said waterfall 11 kilometers away.  I didn't want the day to be a bust so we decided a detour to a waterfall was in order.

Finally after driving on some roads that looked more like cow paths we found the parking spot and a sign on where to go to see our first waterfall together. We walked and walked.  I had knee replacement just eight months earlier so I was the slow poke on this quest.

Many times I sat and looked around with no waterfall.  The path became very narrow and unpaved.  Barb pleaded with me to keep going up the side of the mountain.  Once when I was seated I heard something and thought maybe we were being flown over by a helicopter.  Barb's eyes lit up and she said:  "I think that is the sound of the waterfall."  My knee was all better then and we marched on.

Twenty minutes later and the sound was becoming a roar.  The path in the Alps became even more treacherous. Barb and I were on a quest and nothing was stopping us.  Every step it seemed like the sound got louder.

We rounded a bend in the path and there it was in all its glory.  About 200 yards away from it we could not hear each other talking due to the glacial torrent crashing down before our eyes.  Another 100 yards closer and the mist of the waterfall was engulfing us.

I snapped this picture and others.  It was like living out your very own fairy tale.  My queen with an angelic smile and the roar of the past and future drowning out all sound was like being in our very own Brahms Fairy Tale.  Thank you Barb for a memory that will last a lifetime.