November 30, 2017

Snow Photography

I love taking photos in the snow but I still have problems with color shots and end up making them black and white to make it worthy.


Lesson learned when fishing at 3am with a mouse.  The flash of your camera at that time of the night causes the monster you are photographing to bleed out.  It loses all color and the fish looks dead and you get grief every time you post the photo because of a dead looking fish.

This filtered black and white photo was only semi-decent photo taken of this carnivore before its release.

November 28, 2017

Love Hate

We got to our first destination.  It took us twice as long to get there as I planned.  I geared up and layered up.  There was no wind.  The snow was falling in large flakes directly to the ground. The snow fall made no sound and drown out all other sounds and senses. Everything in life slowed down.  It seemed like I was watching a movie with me in it in slow motion.

We methodically fished the beaver dam for a couple hours. The snow continued to fall.  Snow built up on the bill of my cap.  My glasses fogged up often and I needed to clean them off.  The snow went down the back of my neck.  The snow felt good on my face and as it melted and went down the back of my coat.  My shoulders were covered with snow. My senses were hyperactive and I was amazed at how much I enjoyed this outing. It made me feel alive and appreciate life more.

Most people hate snow but the feeling that day was quite the opposite. Words can not describe the day properly.

Ways Lead On To Ways

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference. 

~ Frost                        

November 26, 2017

More Improper Versus Proper

Gin clear stream in the head waters way out in the middle of nowhere and this hole presents itself to you.  Fight that urge to wade right out in the hole in the shallows.  See the waves the angler creates?  This is  like a warning siren going off to trout.  I might sound like a broken record but you might as well throw large boulders in this hole because you aren't going to catch anything.  Wader caught zero trout.

Same hole and the sun is even a hazard this time.  This angler skirts the edge of the hole to minimize waves and keep his shadow off the water.  He caught four trout here.

Proper Way To Fish A Hole

Sometimes people fish so much they lose their basic fishing instincts.   Rule one when fishing if you can see the fish they can see you.  Many folks like getting up high so they can see better.  This spooks fish.  Your movement and shadow control on the water are kindergarten thing level skills you learn.  It is much harder to land and release a fish from overlooking position. You need to move to get down to water level and you might as well throw rocks in the hole after one fish.

The proper way is to get down at stream level so your shadow is not a hazard and landing and unhooking trout is not so harried and causes a commotion. Get that trout to hand quickly so you won't spook the hole.  You can expect at least one more trout from this hole.  No throwing in rocks required.

I am also not completely sold on polarized sunglasses.  They cause you to be a little too curious and you can get too close to a hole and spook the hole before you start.

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