November 10, 2017

Cabbage Ala Len

2 pounds thick bacon browned....then add 2 heaping tablespoon diced garlic and 1.5 yellow onions large head cabbage cut up...bacon concoction placed on top of cabbage...simmering on my stove.

November 08, 2017

Yes I Am Smiling In The Photo

It is not for what you think.

I was casting for an hour with no takers.  I decided to work the fast water for walleye.

I had 20 pound power pro on so I decided no leader would be fine to work the jigs with.

First cast into the fast I had a hit with no hook up.  20 more casts no hits.

I switched jig color and tossed it into the fast.  I was finishing my retrieve and lifting out of the water when the giant grabbed my jig and turned in one motion.  My line went limp.  The gigantic pike had cut my 20 pound power pro like thread.  A couple choice swear words and a re-tie and I had another hit.  The soft plastic was peeled of the jig.

I sat down and composed myself and put another soft plastic on.

Bang I landed the pike pictured.

One more hour of working the fast water without success.

The smile is me thinking about how soon I should go back after the least a foot longer than one in this post.

Relic Of The Past

3/4 ton hard working truck.

The Coupe

It rolled off the assembly line with fanfare and wow.  Almost all cars of that era were four doors.  This one was special.  The rear window was designed for the wow factor.  It was not very practical and hard to see out of.

It is quite ironic that it now sits discarded along with oil barrels, lawn mowers, and hay feeders.  A once iconic ride doomed for eternity to rust away with common trash.

November 07, 2017

A Photo Without A Caption

A Year Round Home

Trout need a few things to call a stretch of water a home year round.

If a hole freezes solid a majority of the winter trout don't like it.  It means the water is cold and lacks oxygen.  A spring or other source of warmer water is needed.

This hole has a spring feeding in just 30 yards upstream.  This spring warms the water and can attract trout for quite a distance.

There must be slow water somewhere in the hole so the trout can basically hibernate. They need to hold in place with the least amount of energy being expended in the frigid months.   It can't be all slow water.  The trout need faster water to bring them food. They need fast water to help create oxygen.

The hole needs to have a spring nearby upstream to regulate the water temperatures and oxygen levels during the dog days of summer and the deep freezes of winter.

This photo is taken downstream and I am standing where the spring empties in.  There is fast water to bring the food to the trout.  The old bridge has crumbled and dropped large boulders in there.  There is a 2 feet to 5 feet step drop.

This is a year round home for trout.

November 06, 2017

Nightmare scenario

Nightmare scenario

You have the biggest brown on that you will probably ever catch in your lifetime and your friend's net is woefully inadequate.

Photo captured from a Go Pro video. I was neither the net man nor catcher.

After some hand to hand combat the monster was landed.

Just prior to this horse of a trout Derek landed a 22 inch.  This one dwarfed it.

Nothing But Net

Some of these photos are captures from Go Pro video.  Sorry about the quality.

November 05, 2017

our first frost

The day before our first frost this morning glory was attempting an appearance. She missed out on showing the world her beautiful plumage by one day