September 08, 2017

In The Zone

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In The Zone

September 07, 2017

Trip Report Warm Water

Went to Gays Mills for an hour this morning.

One hit.

Skinny snaky pike liked a Black Fury.

September 06, 2017

Trip Report...Hour On The Water

10 to hand...

3 bigger than one above short stroked and slashed and turned at shore.

September 05, 2017

Trip Report...Easy Pasture For Old Anglers

The urge to chase trout hit me today as I drove past a very old permission I procured 20 years ago.  I have not fished it for 10 years minimum.

Stopped at the owners house and talked a while.  Asked if he wanted to come with.  He had a Honey Dew list so I went on my own.  He told me about a new bull in the pasture.  Cows and bull were way at the other end of the pasture so I hit it for 45 minutes.

13 to hand and another 5 shake offs.

Nothing large.

Warm Water Trip Report

cast for an hour at dam in Gays Mills.

Had couple hits.

Landed a smallie with a black fury.