August 25, 2017

Tiny Stream Same Hole Same Fish One Year Apart

If you saw opposite sides in the 2 years you would say different trout.

I have caught the same trout before quite a few times.  A couple years back my friend Jim caught the below trout.

I did a quick measurement and she taped 19 inches.   Very respectable for such a tiny stream.

Almost a year to the date later I fished it with an acquaintance named Bruce.

He caught the same fish from the same hole.  This time it taped 21 inches.

A 2 inch growth in a year is very good for a stream in the Wisconsin driftless in Crawford County.

Went after her the next year and year after and nobody was home.

Barb Rocks

August 24, 2017

Len's Surprise

16 Baby Red Potatoes Whole
5  Sweet Corn Cut Into Thirds
1  Ring   Andouille Sausage Cut Into Rings
1  Ring Smoked Sausage Cut Into Rings
1  Yellow Squash Cut Into Rings
1  Zucchini  Cut Into Rings
2  Small Lobster Tails
3  Salmon Fillets
14 Ounces Bay Scallops
Place in Roast Pan with lid for 1 hour on 350 degrees.
Added Shrimp at an hour with the special sauce poured over top of contents liberally.
Special sauce. half pound melted  butter with one heaping tablespoon of chopped garlic and 3 heaping tablespoons of Old Bay Seafood Spice.
lower temp to 250 and cook another 30 minutes.

Virtual Bouquet Of Flowers

August 22, 2017

Team Hoff Part Two

Thanks again for all the info! Beautiful streams with some gorgeous holes. No bigs this trip.

100 to hand in the morning on one stream.  Could have easily caught 150.  Was pulling away spinner from trout to avoid littler trout.

Lost one 20+ incher in a big hole.  Wonder how many large trout did not get to try to bite before a small one took it and spooked the hole.  Definitely a return trip is in order.

Fished a small stream in the area you also recommended later and caught 25 trout.  A good mixture of brook and browns.

August 21, 2017

Wacky Conditions

I thought with the impending eclipse it might turn on the trout.

I introduced myself to the new land owners.

Fished for 2 hours and landed 13 browns and 3 brookies.  "No Gill Lice"

Would have done better if the new land owner's dog Princess would not have swam in every hole before I fished it.  She liked me and the smell of my Buggins bug spray.  Every time I sat she sat right along side of me.  The owners said she was only a puppy and is a papered Great Pyrenees and will get much bigger.  I hope she remembers me. 

Did have a solid fish on right at shore and worried about the dog trying to bite the fish.  I let the fish long line release so there would be no dog hook ups.