August 19, 2017

Trout Don't Live In Ugly Places

I have fished my home water for over half a century.  Every time I go out I discover something new.  Many think they are in search of trout when they go out.  The trout are only a bonus.

This scene is what most anglers dream of.  Don't get me wrong; this is a big part of the experience when I am out and about. There is much more to see, smell, and feel.

There are so many things to see when you are on stream.  The sun setting over a driftless hillside comes to mind.  The smell of plum blossoms are better than any over priced perfume from Paris or Rome.

Of course a butter bellied brown can not hurt your adventure.  But there is much more to see.

There are flowers to be smelled and photos of garden spiders to be taken along the way.

There are discoveries to be experienced.  Your mind is to wander and wonder.

Are you really only in search of trout?

August 17, 2017

2017 So Far

It has been a good year.  I am limited in my mobility and stamina due to my knees and back.

The season is just starting to get past the summer rain and heat.

I feel a good last 2 months of season coming.

Team Hoff

Team Hoff wandered all over Wednesday.

They saved my tip for next week.

30 trout were caught during their wandering.

August 16, 2017

Personal Best and Trifecta Of Sorts

Hit the water at 8am this morning.  The clouds in the forecast never materialized.

Most trout were under 12 inches today.  Three topped 15 inches and one wayward brookie was caught.  36 to hand in 3.5 hours.  Not bad for a robin's egg blue moring.

Water clarity almost crystal clear.  Water temp was 64.

On the second to last hole of the morning I scored my largest chub ever.

I guess it is sorta a trifecta.

August 15, 2017

The Brothers Hoff

The brothers Hoff will be hitting the driftless tomorrow. The last time they came up they kicked trout butt. I gave them yet another tip for Wednesday's trek. They are fishing a stretch that i can no longer manage due to my knees and back. 

This stretch has produced my second biggest brown of my life and 5 or 6 tigers. They showed their metal the last time out. I have been promised many photos and I am really excited for them. 

Good Luck!! 

August 14, 2017

Another Article On Orvis Site

The Wild Bunch

I can't visit with them without smiling.  Their exuberance is contagious.  The "Wild Bunch" began with 2 boys and now has 2 beautiful girls in the crew.  The bunny with her beautiful blue eyes and her mother's smile is a delight.  The baby is still growing and will be a active member of the Wild Bunch soon.

The two boys I affectionately call The Third and Valentino.  Everyone had a nickname in my family.  Their grandfather had a couple nicknames in his youth.  He went by Trigger and Newp long ago.  His younger brother Chris was know as Quee.  They are my first cousins.  Roberto and Big E remind me of Newp and Quee when they were small.

When Big E talks I can't help but smile.  His voice sounds like a cartoon character.   He is bubbling with enthusiasm typically.  He is a curious little man.  He is the first to have a look at the snake in the yard or the spider in the window.  He reminds me of his Uncle Chris every time I look at him.  His big brother Phin keeps him in line and safe from those crawly thing just like his Grandpa Sig did for Chris.

Last spring The Wild Bunch and their gramps wandered in the woods near gramp and gram's home.  They took me along for their journey.

Grampa Sig had the Wild Bunch hanging on every word he said.  He pointed out many wonders in the forest he affectionately calls Hagar Hollow.

Gramps got the kids to kneel down and look at a plant pushing forward through the dead leaves on the forest floor and the three were in awe.  They were on an adventure and were loving it.

Next on the safari were the Dutchmann's Breeches.  The kids laughed hysterically when their grandpa told them what breeches meant.

The scarlet elf cups were peeking out of the brown leaves of winter and tickled the Wild Bunch's imagination.  Big E asked gramps if elves lived in Hagar Hollow.  Sig and I shared a smile at his youthful imagination.


 As we exited the woods Grampa called the kids to something he had found.  He was excited and pointed at the discovery in the leaves.  He exclaimed loudly:  "Don't get too close!"

This made the three members of  The Wild Bunch crowd in to see what Gramps had discovered.  Grampa showed them it.  They all laughed and Sig called me over to see his find.

There in the leaves was the Dragon of Hagar Hollow.  You could see its fire coming from its mouth.  His eye stared right at you.

Adventures like these will stay with the Wild Bunch for their entire life.

What little kid can't be excited and remember the day in the woods in Hagar Hollow where they found some pants that a dutch guy lost and just missed seeing elves drinking out of scarlet cups.  Then to top it all off they got to see the Dragon that lives in the woods.