July 14, 2017

Crock Pot Bean And Ham Soup

Soaked navy beans for 12 hours drained and rinsed

Added water
One large yellow onion diced
heaping tablespoon chopped garlic
lots black pepper
three pounds double cured ham.

Is on low.

Will be eaten tomorrow.

July 13, 2017

Time And Space

It was late June 1983.  I was on vacation for a month.  My vacation was in Italy.  We were in southern Italy.  I decided a pit stop at the base in Brindisi was in order.  I went on base to stock up on necessities at the Post Exchange.  I left with a variety of food and six cases of Budweiser.

I had never been so far south in Italy before.  I heard there was a ferry I could take to Greece and I decided I had to see it.  It might be my only chance in life.

We took the ferry and drove inland a little ways.  I was starving so we stopped at a small cafe in a rural village.

I decided while in Greece I should eat what the Greek people would typically eat.

I remember the plate coming to my outdoor table.  I didn't know what I ordered.  I read the menu and it was all Greek to me.  I asked the waitress to bring me what was typical for the area.

Have you eaten a dish that sparks a memory from 30 plus years ago?

 Tzatzik with diced cucumber, Garlic Bread, Roma Tomatoes and Fresh Mozzarella Cheese in  vinegar/olive oil with chopped garlic.

 I was 27 years old and eating alfresco in a small village on the coast of southern Greece.

The only thing missing from my lunch today are some pepperoncinnis with an Ouzo chaser and you would have my plate from 1983.  I time traveled to Greece today.  The meal was definitely memorable.

We drove back to the ferry and headed back to Italy.

Time travel is possible.


July 12, 2017

Ex-fishing Guide Tales "Extended Version"

Ex-Fishing Guide Tales

I quit guiding nine years ago. I did it for five years and met quite a few characters and curmudgeons during those guiding dazes.

Typically I would ask clients prior to taking them out their skill level. Most under reported their casting prowess but quite a few exaggerated.

I would also ask them their personal best brook and brown trout. I also got a handle on what their best numbers day was. My goal was to put them on more trout and bigger trout than they had ever caught.

Presenting at the state's largest fishing show one of four I presented there.

I would say 70 percent of the time they caught more than had ever caught and 60 percent of the time they would leave with their personal best as far as size.

I have a fond memory of a father son tandem. It was the son's first exposure to trout fishing. It was a golden trip. This new to trout fishing beginner was hooked for life on trout fishing. His dad was as proud as a peacock of his son. He told me that his son was hooked for life and profusely thanked me for the outstanding outing.

The father and son team are still chasing trout to this day together. They have expanded their horizons and fish in other places. At least once a year I get a post card from some exotic location. Their streams are in Germany and Italy and as far away as New Zealand, The post card has a trout or a stream on the front. The only thing on the message part of the post card each time are two words. Thank you

I one time had a guy catch his personal best brook and brown but he told me at the end of the outing that he was disappointed and was not tipping me and would give me a bad review if I didn't give him another FREE outing because He had not caught a giant. He told me my website was false advertising because he had not caught a 23 inch plus brown. A long story short...I never took him again and no tip.

I had a well known angler once refuse to ride in my vehicle because I had the wrong presidential candidate bumper sticker.

 I had an entire grade school hanging on my each and every word and picture at a free presentation.

Once I had a guy contact me. He told me he had a disabled son and he wanted some easy places to take him. Me being gullible I gave him a couple good places. I later found out this guy was a guide and he lied to me and was looking for easy places to take clients.

 I presented for free at numerous schools trying to get kids out on the water.

I believed in showing clients a good time. I was new to guiding and really humped to turn clients on to good fish and numbers. My success made the long time established guides in the area look lazy and inept. I had 2 of them say I was padding my numbers and lengths of trout.

One time a client liked the stretch so well that we fished he went back the next day and tried to buy the land from the owner. I knew the owner well and he was thinking about selling but the guy wanted to post the land and specially not let me back on there. The land owner declined to sell.

Once a fly shop owner told me I was going to do a FREE presentation at his shop. He didn't ask. He told me I would do it or he was going to spread lies about me and ruin my guide reputation. I didn't do the presentation.

I presented at over 50 schools for free during that time.

Karma has a way of repaying back deceitful folks. The shop owner lost his shop shortly thereafter and went to work for a large fishing chain store and later fell off the edge of the trout world.

I had a client that would only use crawlers and he didn't ever keep any trout but refused to go barbless and to set the hook on the first bite. He typically waited for the second or third nibble.

One season I was hired to be a long time retired Green Bay Packer's exclusive guide for the year trout fishing. He matched my year prior's total. He only went out with me 10 times that year. I got to wear his Super Bowl One and Two ring at the same time.

During my 5 years of guiding I donated over 40 guided outings to charity and non-profits.

I once had a contract from Field and Stream to do a 12 photo lay out and feature story for them on a famous angler/hunter I took out regularly. I told the guy a couple weeks prior to our outing and he oked it.

He showed up on the day of the trip at 10:45am and we fished for an hour and he then went turkey hunting. He didn't like any of the photos and refused to let me use them. The story and photos were to get me a $2,000 pay day and notoriety. I took the guy for FREE each time to say I guided him and to use photos in articles.

I also had him ask me when I was going to pay him for fishing with me. He typically got 80,000 dollars an hour for speaking. The same guy let out seven different swear words in one sentence when I failed to clear his back cast for him and he caught a tree.

He also had an aversion to losing flies. He would go under water and crawl out in tree limbs to retrieve flies. This angler grew to be too high maintenance for me and I handed him off to a friend to entertain.

During the guide daze I learned how secretive trout anglers are. I swear they would give you their first born child before they would give you information on a stream.

I had a featured article in American Angler magazine. The editor told me that good articles typically received at least 6-7 angry emails from anglers because of giving too much attention to "their" fishing area. The editor contacted me later and said I got 13 hate emails.

I once had a client do so well he didn't have enough money with him to tip me adequately and he was a former employee of Gerber Knife company and he gave me eight high end knives he had new in their boxes as a tip.

I once had three rich guys fish with me all at once. They were talking about buying a medical supply company. The company was on the market for 750,000 dollars. They split the price in threes. Four years later they fished with me again and bragged they had just sold the company for 23 million.

The majority of anglers I guided were excellent anglers and stand up good citizens. No one ever got skunked when they went with me.

I have had my glasses and cap ripped off by clients numerous times by clients in a hurry. I have been hooked in the hand, arm, ear, face and head.

When you guide you must watch and not fish yourself. It felt like going to a gold mine without a shovel.

I do not miss guiding. 2003-2008

July 11, 2017

Believe Half Of What You See And Nothing Of What You Hear

Yesterday I was up early and in the recliner looking at facebook.  An angler friend chatted with me.  He told me he had caught and released a 35 inch 12 pound walleye last Tuesday.

I asked him what he had caught it on.  Was a small blade bait.  He told me the general area he had caught it.

Me being an angler and a verified story teller I was skeptical about this c/r 35 inch walleye.  The guy told me the friend that netted the fish had taken photos of it on his cellphone.  When he got the photos he would share them with me.

I dismissed the catch as a whopper tall tale.  I went about my surfing the web.

Last night about 5:30pm I was talking to my wife about the walleye tale.  I explained the situation and that I doubted this story.  She wanted more details.  She didn't recognize the name.  I told her that it was Joe Dirt's Uncle. When I said Joe Dirt aloud it sunk in.  This guy is related to dirt.  Dirt slays big eyes all the time.  The story from that morning suddenly had credibility.

I got excited and tried to talk my wife into going with me to chase this mythical walleye.  She declined.  My stuff was in my vehicle so I pointed it westward.

I got to the river and the spot the eye was released at had 4 anglers there and the water was high and pretty dirty.  I sat there and talked with the anglers for about half an hour.  Three of the four left so that was my cue to get my stuff and fish.

I needed to put on a new leader and lure.  Because the water was dirty and high I decided I needed a flashy big lure with rattles.  I looked in the bottom of my tackle box.  There was a new in the container silver rattle trap in the second biggest size.  It fit the bill for the water conditions.

I walked below the angler and cast a couple times.  There is a cement wall there with two benches there.  I gave a big space between us.  The fourth cast I had a hook up.

The fish immediately did a couple head shakes.  Pike typically just take off when hooked and don't shake their heads.  The fish went deep and did a power run making my drag bark a couple times.

The guy fishing there grabbed my huge Frabil net and had it in the water.  I turned to him and told him the fish was not ready to be netted.  It finally turned towards shore and I had some control over it.  I was talking to the guy with the net and told him I thought it was a medium sized pike.

I didn't get that comment totally out of my mouth when the fish turned away from shore abruptly and and came towards the surface.  The guy with the net yelled.  Its not a pike it is a giant walleye.  He barely got the statement out of his mouth and the walleye was off.

The walleye was the biggest walleye I have ever seen in real life and on television.  I cast for another hour with no takers. I went back this morning at first light and cast for a couple hours.  No takers.

New lure from yesterday with battle scars.

Going back on Thursday chasing it again.