July 08, 2017

Different View

I have lots of friends that ice fish.  I ice fished as a child.  Most times my feet got cold and I grew bored staring at the hole in the ice.

Looking at a trout stream in winter excites me.  It is a challenge and a puzzle all in one.  Reading the water and adding in the cold weather elements.

July 07, 2017

My World


 Scarlet Elf Cups

 Bleeding Hearts

 Dutchmann Breeches

 Spider Wort


What could be finer?

July 05, 2017

Unedited Versus Edited

It is the last day of trout fishing 2015.  The fog is rising from my favorite stream in Richland County.

I snap one picture with my Canon G1X on auto.

Both are stunning.

The edited version was given highlight and shadow.