June 21, 2017

Father Time

One Hundred Years Ago

When I am a little melancholy I look in my photos and wonder what ever happened to the father of this homestead.

June 19, 2017

Ancient Tree

You don't appreciate how big this tree is until you try to crawl over it to fish in the hole just upstream.

I ended up crawling under it.

The tree is extending out in the hole on the left.

My first cast had 3 or 4 browns and one brookie follow all at once.  The crystal clear hole then shut down.

Photos That Don't Need Captions Mike Sepelak

 I was looking through my photos this morning and saw an interesting trend.

When you take photos you are trying to capture that moment in time.

The ultimate compliment of a photographer's work in my opinion is when a caption is not needed.

The photo tells the tale.