May 19, 2017

House On The Rock

There are endless photo possibilities there.  I love making collages and House On The Rock has some serious things to work with.

Tomorrow is an unwritten tale

Everyone gives you advice throughout your life.  Some you heed and others you discard.

Some you look back on and wished you would have listened to.

Some you smirk about and think what a disaster following that advice would have caused.

The big picture is not always clear to you.

A couple times in your life you really wished you would have had some guidance or advice and there was none.

Each person travels the path of life differently.

We are shaped by our triumphs and failures.

Life is not easy.  If it were easy you would not appreciate it and learn from it.

Tomorrow is an unwritten tale. Never give up.

May 18, 2017

Reading Water Warm Weather

This beauty was caught in flat nondescript stretch.  The only reason I cast here was there was a tiny feeder on the left bank.  It is behind my arm.

I cast 4 feet above the trickle and he slammed it as it hit the mouth of the spring feeding in.

Reading Water Tip Cold Water

You will find trout in the end of fast water in the slack water.  It requires too much energy consumption to swim in current when the water is cold.

May 17, 2017

Reading Water Tips

Look at the banking of the stream.  Spring floods cut an obvious deeper swath on the downside of a curve.

Trout like laying in a hide to attack their prey.  If they can do it out of the current all the better.

See the broken water at the end of the banking?

This bad boy was laying behind the obstruction in the water.

I ran my offering just to the left of the broken water obstruction he slammed it the second it appeared in his wheel house.

May 15, 2017

Giant Swell

If I has started where the angler pictured was tonight I would of had a shot at a big brown.

Bottom right i spooked a huge fish out before the rain.  When the water goes down we are gonna dance.

Two from outing

May 14, 2017

Wisconsin Bull Snakes

Every year about now I find them in neighborhood yards or crossing the road.  They are endangered and look so similar to rattlesnakes many folks kill them when they see them.

This Gopher Snake is in the bull snake family.

This bull snake chased me around the vehicle before it exited the road and posed for a parting photo.

Great Northern Water Snake

This Midland Rat Snake stopped on the center line for a momentary photo.

This angry bull snake disliked the neighbor's dog circling it and made a rattle sound with its mouth.

Sorry for the not so good photos.  I couldn't get up the nerve to get any closer in case I had misidentified this angry creature.