April 28, 2017

Next Saturday Is Regular Season Trout Opener

Make sure you have read the regulations for each stream you are going to fish.  The regulations are extremely cumbersome and you could get a ticket easily if you harvest the wrong size or species of trout.

Stream Therapy

April 27, 2017

Wisconsin Browns

One of my friends tells me it is snowing in my hometown.

Latest snow I can remember in a long time.

I bet the anti-global warming folks will jump on this. If you are one of those please read the complete effects of climate change.

Common Milkweed (Asclepias syriaca)

Before opens and after. Quite a transformation.

Monarch Butterfly food.

April 26, 2017

The silence is deafening Gill Lice

The silence is deafening. No one is talking about gill lice anymore. It is because the brook trout population has been decimated and the powers to be have given up.  They are afraid to make waves at the DNR because anything science related could cause them to lose their jobs.

I have heard that it is not as bad as believed.  I have four streams I use to fish and catch over 60 in a morning that I am lucky to catch 2-10 now.


I have heard that it is a cyclical thing.  You see the brush at every bridge you go in at these days and the DNR sign about invasive species?  There should be a white flag of surrender attached also. 

April 25, 2017

Trip Report Big Water With Stace Spencer

Fished the 2 largest streams in Richland County today.  First stream was way too dirty and we stopped 20 minutes in.

We went to another.  The first half of the stretch we did poorly.  He switched to the below spinner in a size 9 and his luck changed.
Three trout later and I switched to it also.

Stace land between 25-30 browns.  The two biggest of the outing took too long to unhook and we decided to release them without a photo.  I landed about a dozen.

April 24, 2017

Curry Pork

39 years ago I dated a gal named Monika from Germany.  Her grandfather was in WWII and taken prisoner and interned in Tennessee.

Her grandpa loved America and asked to stay after the war.  No prisoners of war were allowed to stay.  There were worries about infiltrators after the war.

After Monika and I broke up her grandpa and I stayed connected.

He was a master wurst maker.  From scratch wurst.  I helped him make them numerous times.  He was loved by his captors in Tennessee at the prisoner of war camp because he was such a good cook and sausage maker.

This recipe was Opa's.

16 ounces Pork Loin cubed
browned in butter
one large yellow onion diced and browned
one heaping tablespoon of diced garlic browned
after all browned add one pint of heavy whipping cream
add curry to taste...don't over do

serve over white rice with some green beans.

Trip Report Couple Pit Stops

Went to visit my mother today and caught a few along the way at two locations that I did a hit and run at each.  All browns...around 20 to hand.

Two photo worthy.....they have some sweet coloring

Tiger Nezworski.

I took a look at my log books for the last four decades. I have landed 15 tigers in those years.  I have seen another dozen caught while anglers were with me.

I compare the extra large browns I have caught in that time and those of friends fishing with me.

It is easier to catch a huge brown than catch a tiger.

Two Treks to the driftless and two tigers.  Andy it is time for you to go to Vegas.

 Many people go their whole life without catching a tiger.

I think the odds have to be astronomically against Andy to pull off this tiger success.