April 21, 2017

Trip Report Vernon County

Hit the water with Andy Nezworski at 9am.  Was cloudy when we started and then got sunny in a hurry.  We fished head waters due to recent rain.  By 10:30 there were scads of hatches coming off.  Blue Wing Olives/Gnats/Caddis were all over the place and little trout were working the surface.  Andy tried dries with no luck.

Spooked a lot of fish in the gin clear water.

Our luck changed just before we stopped.

Andy out fished me.  My knees were angry so I stopped.  I deposited Andy downstream and am expecting a report later tonight.

April 20, 2017

We Are Some Odd Ducks

It can be snowing and there can be a wind from the North screaming in our face.

But we endure.  We chase a quarry that has a brain the size of a pea.  Most time we don't even keep them.

Odd is a mild description of we the trout anglers.

We wear our mantle with pride and conviction.

We are a driven bunch.

The thrill of what could be on the next cast is our affliction.