March 18, 2017

What Should I Name Her?

I like the name Greta for her.

  I was on the way to a trout stream and my wader boot came untied. I knelt down to tie it and after doing so I notice movement all around me.. It really freaked me out. On closer examination I saw why the bushes all around me were moving. Every bush within 20 yards of me had a garden spider in it. After I quit shuddering I snapped a few photos. I have thought on different occasions about returning there to take some more photos but just can't get myself to purposely walk into that area again.,-90.8241549//@43.2950054,-90.8271911,16z

March 16, 2017

Alabaster Birch

The temperature change has summoned the trees to shed their colorful bonnets.

The alabaster birch trees with their bark so fair are the first to lose their leaves.

Their golden locks depart with the first cold winds of fall.

The reds and oranges of early fall begin to appear.

The rest of the forest follows suit.

The bright colors of fall will soon be replaced by the barren trees that signal winter is not far away.

photo of the day

My wife on a hike at Wildcat Mountain State Park.  She stylized the photo.

March 14, 2017


Beauty is in the eye of the bee-holder

March 13, 2017

Chicken Vegetable Soup

2 medium yellow onions diced
6 stalks chopped celery
6 cloves minced garlic
lots black pepper
2 medium zuccinni dimed
20 Fresh Brussel Sprouts
Small Bag Baby Spinach chopped
12 ounces sliced button mushrooms
12 ounce sliced portabella mushrooms
50 ounces chicken broth

Family pack of deboned/skinned chicken thighs quartered

On low in crock pot. Ready for lunch tomorrow.

Very low carb and gluten free.

Stace Spencer Scores Nice Brown In Snow Today

The phone rang today and it was a blast from the past. Stace Spencer was on the phone.  I had not fished with him for 14 years.  He moved out west and eventually found his way back home to LaCrosse.  He wanted me to fish this morning.  My back is still acting up so I declined.  I sent him to a couple places.  He caught this nice female brown.

The action was fast and furious today.  He landed 42 trout from 12:40 to 3:30.  40 brown 2 brook.  Every single one was on a number 9 pmd-sbr.

Andrew Nezworski And Friends Fishing Report

Fishing was pretty good in the driftless yesterday...fished a private section further downstream out of trout, my neighbor, and one of our buddies....them with panther Martin's me fishing flies...

 Brian Wisiniewsk with his fat rainbow

Kris Koepke caught this sweet brown.

I didn't fish much but most fish were in deep slow pools...

They landed 35 total..I only got 10...they also have a better size average...prolly 12-13...not factoring in my neighbors brooder.

New Friend Andrzej Jedynak Kicks Some Trout Tail On Sunday

I met Andrzej Jedynak opening day this year.  A friend introduced us. Andrzej is a hard core trout angler and it showed on our frigid opener.

My back and hip have been a problem as of late so he fishes vicariously for me.  I sent him to a way off the beaten path on Sunday.  He got there before the snow and was handsomely rewarded for the drive.